Podcast #453- The Big Holiday Quiz Show

Join Paul, Dave, Tom, Andy and me as we engage in a star-studded podcast called the Big Holiday Quiz show. We put our minds to the test and continue the tradition of a quiz that is intended to challenge your mind and your patience.

Here’s how we play the game:

For the first four rounds, I have assembled an equal number of questions for each of our contestants on each of their chosen ‘specialist’ subjects:

  • Paul – F1 in the 1970s
  • Andy – F1 in the 1990s
  • Dave – GP racing in the 1930s
  • Tom – Sports car racing, any period

For the final four rounds, the contestants have compiled their own questions for each other and the defending champion, Andrew, takes on former champion Dave against young upstarts Tom and Paul. Can Andy be like Lewis and defend his title? Will Dave be like Niki Lauda and come back to win another title? Is Paul this podcasts “Plucky Teen”? Can Tom finally put his epic motorsport knowledge to good use? You’ll have to listen to find out.

On behalf of all of us at FBC, have the happiest of Holidays and thank you for all your support and for listening.


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Paul KieferJr

1. I suppose I’ll just call myself the “Jeff Gordon” of FBC. :D 2. So, Andy is there to pencil-whip the rest of the folks. 3. Damn, I wish I had been there to see Tom do….whatever. 4. If either IndyCar or NASCAR was on, I might have stood a chance…NOT!!! 5. 0 points after 1 round. 6. 0 points after 2 rounds. 7. 0 points after 3 rounds. 8. 0 points after 4 rounds. 9. 0 points after 5 rounds. 10. 0 points after 6 rounds. 11. 0 points after 7 rounds. 12. Okay, someone give me something indefensible… Read more »

Negative Camber

Ok Paul. here’s you defensible statement: “NASCAR is not a good racing series”. :) Now defend that statement. ;)

Paul KieferJr

I knew you were going to do that. :-D When you consider all the disadvantages that NASCAR has, it’s not that good a series. 1. All you do, for the most part, is turn left. 2. You’re trying to control 1 1/2 tons of car going at or near 200 MPH on narrower tires. That’s very hard to do. 3. Because of the weight, the speed and the narrower tires, you can only turn the wheel so far. Any further and you’re hurtling off the track in some direction and you can’t slow down or stop very well. 4. Every… Read more »

David in. Seattle

You guys know how to present ” the show ”
More entertaining than a race. I think I only follow F1 because of you. The races usually suck.

Negative Camber

That’s very kind of you to say my friend. Thanks for listening. :)

Tom Firth

Thanks :-)

Dr T

Not related to the show… but I think this guy is gonna be Todd’s new hero (if he wasn’t already before):

Negative Camber

I like the Explorer guitar. I have one of those. :)

Louis Jansen

Oh man! As soon as you started the quiz and questions were asked about F1 in the seventies! I was shouting the answers aloud and I had Ginther for the Monza win! No chicanes back then! And I am posting this not having listened any further in the podcast! So before anything asked, I have a quiz question from the Netherlands: who was charged for assaulting a police officer on the Zandvoort track? He was a team owner… way back when in the seventies.


I had to look that up, interesting.

Tom will probably know anyway even if Paul doesn’t.

Tom Firth

I’m guessing we are referring to Colin Chapman in 1965? I was reading the fantastic archive, just last week over at MOTORSPORT Magazine and it came up in the article I read. So I can’t say I really knew it, just recently read it.

More famously, or infamous dependent on how you look at it, Hunt was fined for punching a corner worker who tried to get him to come away from the track at Mosport in 1977 after his coming together with Jochen Mass.

Negative Camber

In all honesty, I had to look that up too. Did not know that. :) Great question.

John The Race Fan

The opening theme music is nothing short of epic!
Just the right proportion of radio chatter, dramatic overtones and holiday spirit!


Great work guys, I scored even lower than Andy, but it was fun listening.
Merry Christmas to all at FBC, and all the FBC followers.
Here’s to 2016 – the best season ever! ;-)