Podcast #454- The New Year’s Resolution show

Join Grace and me for our New Year’s Resolution show in which we offer our suggestions for F1 teams and drivers and what they should make as their 2016 resolutions. We left Messrs. Todt and Ecclestone for your recommendations so let’s hear them in the comment section below.

Here’s your Fashion award winner:

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Paul KieferJr

1. Part of my heritage is in England. Part of it is in Germany. Part of it is Cherokee. Part of it is French Canadian. Part of it is Scots-Irish. Make of that what you will. For New Year’s Resolutions: 2. For Mercedes: Humble Pie For Lewis Hamilton: A decision to concentrate on driving. For Nico Rosberg: A new team and some courage. 3. For Ferrari: Learning how to marry the best aerodynamics with the best engine….and getting “Vroooom” back. For Sebastian Vettel: A fifth title. For Kimi Raikkonen: A trip to US Marine Corps Basic Training. 4. For Williams:… Read more »

John The Race Fan

I think that makes you a mutt, Paul.
Very American. :)


If there is a safety car in Australia, what’s his face had better be careful about telling thingy to pass you know who.


Nice work Todd and Grace, another entertaining podcast that kept me chuckling all the way through a new years day ‘fang’ in my old AW11 MR2 – I was glad of the distraction, as the roads were full of new year dawdlers. Well done on eleven years of FBC, you must have been an early adopter of the new media, and you remain leaders, with the podcasts, the website and the ethos of ‘ decorum and civility’. The resolutions; – Mercedes – keep the microphone away from Pat Fry, and stop the Pilots from sulking. Ferrari – hope 2015’s improvement… Read more »


Haas F1 new years resolutions should be to not end up like USF1.