Podcast #455- The 2015 F1 season Review

Join Paul and me as we host our 2015 Formula One Season Review. We cover each team as they finish and share our thoughts on the drivers and teams. It’s a lot to cover so get a cup of coffee and sit back…it’s a long one this week. Apologies for that folks. I tried to keep it short but I’m verbose and that just wasn’t in the cards.

Lauda review

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Dr T

Haven’t finished listening to the podcast as of yet, but wanted to throw my two cents in on RBR and the Dannys… I’m an unabashed Danny Ric fan – somewhat aided by the fact that I live in Perth a few suburbs over from where he grew up. AUSSIE PRIDE!!! I think it’s quite right to hold up Kyvat and the year he has had given the pressure he was under jumping up to the main team so quickly. I’m a little disappointed that it’s coming at the expense of Ricciardo in terms of the commentary. Both the Danny;s did… Read more »

Negative Camber

I agree, Ricci did a good job of it and so did Danny. because Ricci is so damned likable ad awesome, he overshadows Danny and most folks overlook the Russian and what he’s achieved. I just want to make sure we don’t overlook him. It’s impossible to overlook Ricci. :)

Andreas Möller

However, the really big eye-opener in the DR/DR vs DR/SV battle comparisons were the numbers themselves.
Red Bull total points 2014: 238 + 167 = 405
Red Bull total points 2015: 95 + 92 = 187
Talk about going backwards fast…

Dr T

That’s not as bad as McLaren!
2014: 181 – 126 + 55
2015: 27 – 16 + 11

Dr T

Oh… and on STR…

There were 94 passes from the STR boys, and 49 of them were from plucky teen Max Veerstappen!… That means 45 were from old man Carlos Sainz Jr… not much difference…

Negative Camber

Alright, Paul has thrown down the gauntlet, Ericsson bashing is in apparently but I’ll stand up for the young man, I found him to be on his game more this year than in the past and his wallet says he was too. :)

Louis Jansen

Thanks Todd and Paul for a great year’s review! I always love to listen to your views and good humor. Never missed a race review you did last 4 years. It was a special year for us F1 fans in the Netherlands. We had so much hope for our countryman Max Verstappen to do well in his debut season. And you know, we didn’t throw up much hype or were expecting wonders from him, nor did we suffer from media over exposure. I think that your US broadcast just overplayed it too much that you as core F1 fan were… Read more »

charlie white

How Christian Horner or Helmut Marko not get the donkey of the season award?

Negative Camber

Ooooh. that’s a better pick than mine. :)

Paul KieferJr

1. Okay, so when I see Todd, I head off in the opposite direction. Got it. 2. Hmmmmm….that might have been a bit of “overshare”. 3. Absolute domination by Mercedes….and probably the reason why everyone complained that it was so boring. 4. Seems, but I think the next season will prove otherwise. 5. …and just wait: The next time, Ferrari will be looking at eye-level with Mercedes. 6. This seemed to be a slight backward progression in Williams, though 3rd isn’t bad. However, I was expecting 2nd from them. This was a bit of a surprise. 7. Q: How many… Read more »


Thanks to Grace, Paul and Todd for leading me through my first season of F1. I can’t wait for 20 March! Best Wishes on the New Year!

Negative Camber

How kind of you. Great to have you as a listener and most importantly as a new F1 fan. That’s terrific!


Can’t wait for the next episode – episode one.