Podcast #457- Todt & Symonds

Join Paul and me as we share interviews with FIA president Jean Todt and Williams F1 technical director Pat Symonds. We discuss their comments from the AUTOSPORT show International in the UK and even chat about the Charsley Troubled Youth Tour.

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Hulkenberg Nico Fashion

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Are those Money Wings he’s wearing?

Do you hear the recurring tones after the Todt interview?

Paul KieferJr

Todt: 1. …but are you sure that you have done everything you can? 2. Better to judge from the outside. If you’re on the inside, then you become a part of the problem, even if you don’t realize it. 3. Who gets to define what the “pinnacle” is? Who has that right? 4. Okay, good point regarding relationship with Bernie. 5. “Times have changed” is starting to sound like a toss-off cliché. Symonds: 1. Does he think that the move the WMSC made re: Bernie & Todt was the right move? 2. So, what is the right format for Formula… Read more »


You can tell the difference of 5 seconds a lap just watch a race from 2004/5 era, it is visually quicker.
Pat is wrong.


Sorry Canuck, Pat is never wrong, reality must be flawed.
I’ve heard Pat use that same argument in a Motorsport podcast, the interviewers on that didn’t challenge him on the assertion either, but I think the basis of Bernie’s call for faster laptimes is more about re establishing the differential between F1 and GP2, than visually faster cars.


Great episode! And Todd, I think you need to have handy a new audio sample on your soundboard app for the next time Jean Todt using safety as an out. Might I nominate Laurence Olivier from Marathon Man repeated asking Dustin Hoffman “Is it safe?”


This is absolutely the first thing that came to mind. Christian Szell! Perfect.


The Jim Clark trophy (drivers) and Colin Chapman trophy (constructor’s) were introduced in 1987 to encourage early adoption of the new. 3.5 litre normally aspirated engines ahead of the banning of turbos in 1989.


Nice work Paul and Todd, great to hear those interviews from the Autosport Show. It sounded like Paul had enjoyed a very big night with his mates – or was that baritone down to the skype connection?
Jean Todt is such a politician, talks but says a very well constructed nothing.
I always enjoy hearing Pat Symonds speak, he is becoming a ‘dial a quote’ but gives great insights into the way F1 engineers and team directors think.
As for Hulkenberg, a deserved winner of the LH fashion award – he’d never get into Wimbledon in that jacket


Ok Paul’s audio quality was really **** but apart from that, there’s a big difference between the loudness levels of Todd vs. Paul, so I had to constantly adjust the volume for either understanding Paul at all vs. not having Todd.blast my speakers. Is it possible to “normalize” spoken podcasts just as it’s possible with music? Sadly that’s exactly the point to where my knowledge doesn’t reach. Help!? … anyone?

Negative Camber

I did normalize the audio of the cast, I always do. Paul was on a hotel wifi using a laptop mic so it may have been his audio. Sorry about that.


That wasn’t meant as a complaint, I still enjoyed it :)

Negative Camber

I didn’t take it that way. I actually like the feedback so I can try and make the casts better. Thx.

Jamie Thomson

If they stopped making back markers pull off the road every time they were about to be lapped, wouldn’t that force the teams to design the cars to rub in dirty air? Seems to me that would result in better racing at the front with a bonus of having a reason to watch the car in p1 if it’s sped off into the distance a la Vettel in Singapore 2013.


As  jakobusvdl:disqus points out, Todt said nothing. Zilch. This to me this is absolute proof that he doesn’t belong in that position. The man has no opinion or stance on anything.

Q: Mr. Todt do prefer chocolate or Vanilla?
A: Well times have changed and we must ask ourselves which is safer. The FIA is committed to looking into every possibility, and anyway why doesn’t the media offer a suggestion instead of criticizing?

At least Max had an agenda. You may not have agreed with it, but at least he was trying to do do something besides appease everyone.


Idea for an FBC t-shirt: “Impeach Jean Todt”