Podcast #458

Join Grace and me as we discuss the formula 1 news of the week. We cover Williams F1, trump cards, FIA Geneva meetings, cheap engines and more.

Fashion award winner:

Hamilton Lewis coat

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I am starting to think Lewis get dressed in the dark.


Either that or those glasses are much darker than we think

Paul KieferJr

1. Did I mention that it rarely snows here in Austin? 2. Carolina-27, Denver-20 3. You have Vrooom? I thought you had a shovel. :D 4. Stoffel van Dorne……sounds more like “Stove Top Stuffing”. 5. Ferrari “C” team? 6. I think I fell asleep listening to that quote. 7. “….and there was much rejoicing (yay).” 8. Just “consistency”? Why not “consistently right”? 9. “In MYYYY DAAAAAAYYYYY……” 10. Formerly “The Winston”, now called the “NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race”. 11. I have an auto club? 12. Didn’t we mention something about letting their test/reserve drivers race on Saturday, or something like that?… Read more »


There was a BBC news item at the weekend showing people preparing for the storm in Washington DC. They showed all the empty shelve in a supermarket, and then cut to the checkout where a woman was buying a couple of bottles of wine.

For some reason I thought of Grace.




Sounds about right. All I usually stock up on is booze and cat food/ litter. Because I can survive without food but cats without food and clean litter is a bad idea.


I’m surprised you haven’t jumped on the Red Bull Austria Ski Slope Scandal.

A.k.a. VROOM 2.0


The news in the Manor statement is that they will be testing! Something they did’nt do last year.