Podcast #459

Join Paul and me as we discuss the Formula 1 news of the week. We talk about Pirelli’s tire summit, the F1 Strategy and 2017 rules changes, Pastor Maldonado and we even slip in a quick review of the Daytona 24 or Rolex 24 IMSA race.

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Dr T

Dear Todd…

You forgot to announce the standard forum rules on sign off this week. May I suggest, in honour of our dearly beloved and departed Pastor, contributors this week should share their thoughts on F1 with “great humility and decorum”

Best wishes

Dr T

Negative Camber

Yes, yes of course. how could I miss that? ;)


It’s a good problem to have that you don’t NEED to remind people every week.


Nope, all that was holding me back was the weekly reminder.

Now ^#&$* and &*$&!@ if that doesn’t work *$*@!! until the handle breaks. ;)


Regarding downforce levels and passing:

Remove the wings and allow more of the downforce to be developed from the undertray. Also take the regulations governing the shape of the chassis and throw about half of them out. There will be less wake turbulence, and greater visual differential in the cars. Some teams will get it wrong, and so be it. It’s the pinnacle of motorsport, not an everyone-gets-a-trophy feel-good party.


If the FIA could get a budget cap to work (something sensible like the £110 million that Williams has),then you could also free up all the restrictions on testing and wind tunnel time. Teams would need to select where they wanted to spend their cash. The better funded teams wouldn’t be able to spend their way out of a performance shortfall, and as Doug says we would get different solutions to the problem. As a side effect, dramatically reducing down force may enable more expressive drivers to inspire fans (like Ronnie and Gilles did in earlier times). This would also… Read more »


My fear for Maldonado, if he opts for IndyCar in the near future, is that he might become the single defining moment for increased safety measures on that series, and perhaps even banning oval races (of all things) altogether.


Well, Maldonado’s (and Lotus’s) exit ruins my idea for a new support series:

Step 1: Clone Maldonado 20 times
Step 2: Put the 20 clones in the Mad Max Lotus show cars
Step 3: The last Maldonado left standing (driving?) gets to start the race on Sunday
Step 4: ?????
Step 5: Profit (PDVSA money times 20! How could Bernie resist?)