Podcast #460

Join Grace and me as we discuss Renault’s black car, Tokens and the lack of, Carmen’s whereabouts, prison time and much more.

Fashion award winner here.


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Paul KieferJr

1. Now, that’s a nice rating for Super Bowl L. 2. I’ve kept track of 14 different sports. I guess I’m kinda odd. 3. I saw this as Cam and the Panthers being out-there and instead getting out-classed because they cared only about themselves and getting their butts kicked by a superior defense because they played for the love of the game instead of only for themselves. 4. Hey, I wasn’t happy when they introduced the Star Wars “prequels”. :P 5. Okay, sure, I could use a 50 minute nap. :P 6. “There is a doorway and I wanted painted… Read more »

Negative Camber

Yes, 14 sports…how do you find the time? :)

Paul KieferJr

Timing and selection. :-D