Podcast #462- Car Launch Special

Join Grace and me as we discuss the car launches, review the livery and discuss their kit. We even cover 2017 rule changes, Halo devices and the Daytona 500 for Pete’s sake!

Fashion nod:

MK render
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Paul KieferJr

1. …..and now, another edition of “Todd’s Audio-Techno-Advice”. 2. I never knew that a car launch could be considered a “rash”. 3. I can boil it down to one of two things: A. Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones: “Paint It Black”; B. Green alien substance that resembles toothpaste; or C. Neither A nor B. 4. ….or it could be that they know what to look for and we don’t. 5. The new area of white is interesting for Ferrari. 6. Okay, there’s some hope for McLaren. 7. Exactly how many revolutions make up an evolution? 15K RPMs? 8. I’ll… Read more »

Andrew Pappas

2016 mclaren

Negative Camber

LOL…love it. Does it come in all black? ;)

Andrew Pappas

Even lego isn’t that dour. I can only assume McLaren is all black so no one notices the myriad failures

Jack Flash (Australia)

White is so much more slimming than Black… when it comes to Lego McLaren MP4`s. See… Ayrton thinks so.


I used to use orange extension cord for speaker wire when I did parties and such in college in hopes that they’d be more visible, and people wouldn’t trip over them. Worked like a charm and I never had a single person come up to me and ask why I didn’t use 8AWG wire with gold-plated connectors. It was always, “Hey, can you play [insert overly popular song that sucks here]?”


Around 1990 I compared a lot of different amps, tape machines, tapes, speakers, different speaker cables etc. using some 4-figure $$ Hifi components and I remember a small difference between the cheapest ~ 0.5 or less square mm cables vs. let’s say ~3 to 4 square mm cables, I’d say with the bigger cables you get a little bit more punch and crispness, especially if you use longer cables and low ohm speakers, then the damping is even measurable, if only slight. But from those to ones with 10 mm square cross section, there was no more improvement, that was… Read more »

Negative Camber

Yep, everyone has an opinion on it for sure and that’s perfectly understandable. Your experiences are true in that it is measurable, no doubt, but the human ear can barely perceive even a 3dB difference let alone small degradation in frequency response or strangling of an amp etc. It’s all analog from the speaker to the ear and everyone has different hearing capacity. Some better than others. I had a customer tell me he can hear 35khz. I asked him if the processor in the display was killing him. He asked why. I said that’s the frequency it’s operating at.… Read more »


You are of course correct that 3dB is the minimum sound pressure level difference that you can reliably perceive. This story in Autosport
.quotes the measured volume of the 2016 cars (1£8dB) against last year’s specification (124dB). So they should be noticeably louder. For comparison the old V8s were 129.5dB, so the volume level will be indistinguishable from the V8 era. The sound however will be different.

Negative Camber

Yeah, overall gain may be higher but now we’re in to frequency and that’s a huge difference. You see, we don’t have flat response hearing meaning those low tones are not as loud to human ears as the mid-frequencies. So they can measure overall db but it doesn’t mean we’ll notice that big of a jump on TV or in the stands.


I would hope the ALL meter they were using was set to the A weighting, to replicate the typical human ear response, but it doesn’t say one way or the other in the article.

Negative Camber

I could be completely wrong but I bet they are looking at SPL and a simple RTA would tell them where the frequency gains are and db’s are at what frequency and whether or not we could really hear a big difference. I would argue the low, guttural nature of these PU’s means that we won’t notice a huge difference. We don’t hear low freq stuff too well.


That’s basically what I meant – I guess I’d trust the sort of cables you use to connect lamps etc. But would you even use telephone wire? And: I’d use analog as an argument in the other direction: digital transmissions are tolerant, to a degree, to degradation of the physical signal. The receiver decides in a discrete scale, either it’s already a 0 or it’s still a 1, and if there are errors you maybe have error correction protocols or automatic reduction of bandwidth etc.. Analog on the other hand means any signal degradation is carried over downstream and does… Read more »

Negative Camber

No, I wouldn’t use telephone wires. :) 12, 14 or 16ga. wire is fine. I’ve ran massive commercial sound systems with CL2 PVC jacketed and plenum rated cables just fine. Then we get in to 70v. systems and let’s not go down that path or mix/minus systems. As for analog vs digital, it really depends on the effect you want. Digital is awesome but so is analog for the application. It’s really in the ear of the beholder. Compression in digital is a big element for sure. Audiophiles have issues with it and that’s fine because at certain levels, you… Read more »


I just wanted to say my MSPaint skills are on point.
Thanks for the nod.


Todd, jmag5000 had a pretty good idea in the forums…

I would humbly suggest we (you) rename the Donkey of the Race award to the Pastor Maldonado Ballsy Move of the Race, or some variant thereof.