Podcast #463- 2016 test #1 report

Join Paul and me as we unpack the fist test of the 2016 Formula 1 season. We cover each team and chat about what they did and what we may or may not have learned from the test. We also chat about the second test this week and what we’re looking for.

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I’m a Lewis fan, but he never cease to appall me with his outfits.

Paul KieferJr

1. I’m using reading glasses as we speak, and I look just fine. ;-) 2. ….and where did you dig up that “Mannix” theme? Ah, the memories. 3. “Latin American” vs. “Catalonian” Spanish. 4. I took a leap into this day. 5. Once again, Merc establishes itself as the team to beat. 6. I think they made enough of a guess that they’re going to put a scare into Red Bull. 7. I wouldn’t expect much from Sauber. 8. I suspect that Williams is about to regress. 9. RBR will be the ones challenging Williams. 10. Ferrari is probably one… Read more »

Jack Flash (Australia)

Lewis (2pac) Hamilton is taking “Crimes against Fashion” to a whole new level.
No Michael Schumacher or Ralph Schumacher or Jacques Villeneuve or Adrian Sutil efforts are even in the same ballpark of Degre or Monotonous Consistency in “Moving Violations in Attire”.

Beggars words apt to describe.

Anderson Cogo

Have you ever wonder if it happens?
has Maldonado crashed today?