Podcast #464- The 2016 Season Preview

Join Paul and me as we discuss the final test session of the preseason and look ahead to the 2016 Formula 1 season. Who did what last week and how will they do in two weeks? What do we think about each team in the championship and where they’ll run?

Who do you think will do well in 2016 and where do you think McLaren, Haas, Red Bull, STR, Force India and even Mercedes will run?

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Dr T

As I’ve always understood it – in qualifying the cars want to run minimal fuel load on the freshest tyres possible with the maximal grip. At the occasional circuit they run a few laps to get the tyres up to speed. With the new 90 second eliminations I assume that the idea is to get all the cars out early on to set a banker lap. But they are all going to go out with higher fuel loads so they can keep circulating and as the fuel goes down the tyres get chewed up and the lap times don’t get… Read more »

Negative Camber

I know, that was a bold move. I was trying to be sensitive to your time. :)


The F1B strategy group pulled off a major coup – “the awards, not broke, so lets drop them”

Paul KieferJr

1. Merc seems to have gone a step up, but they’re still reachable. 2. Ferrari made similar gains, and maybe just a little more. 3. McLaren had a few surprises for us. They may have a little something. 4. This new quali thing is pointless. What happens if nobody goes out? Is everyone DQ’d at that point? 5. Chaos? You want chaos? Wait until I send in a limited thermonuclear strike! Chaos guaranteed! 6. These were the thoughts that I posted on Facebook: So, after 2 weeks of Formula 1 testing, I have drawn the following conclusions: A. This may… Read more »

Junipero Mariano

1. Mercedes 1. Ferrari -Ferrari will have made the bigger gain, but Mercedes only needs to make a little to stay ahead 3. Williams-They’re still using Merc engines, and if they sort out the low speed handling, even better. 4. Toro Rosso 4. Red Bull -For at least the first part of the season, Toro Rosso has the better engine, and have sorted out their reliability issues 6. Force India-No real negatives, and the B-Spec should be reliable as well. 7. Renault -Renault probably returned too late to make any big waves during the first half of the season, but… Read more »


Lols at the Planet of the Apes sound bite and qually. Spot on! Why!?