Podcast #465

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Join Grace and me as we cover this week’s news in Formula 1. We discuss Haas F1, Mercedes driver battle, rotating cars, #niceguybut #F1Woobie and Silly Season already.

Fashion award winner here:

Rosberg Hakkinen Wolff

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Paul KieferJr

1. ….and the Matchett interview was definitely a great learning experience. 2. I think I’ll stick with “CotA”. 3. I think I’m going to back away from that decision tree. 4. ….but does that younger generation bring enough money to spend? 5. Indeed we do: Long Performance Center, Frank Erwin Center, etc. 6. Again with the threats to leave F1? Seriously? Wake me up when you actually do it. 7. Well, sure, they’re a privateer. If Bill Gates had an F1 team, he’d be a privateer. 8. Well, yes, he’s a reserve driver for Manor, but he’s also and IndyCar… Read more »


Thanks for trying out the track anaylsis beforehand, I hope it will be as appreciated by others as by me. Great! Listened to it combined with looking at a flying lap from Lewis 2015, good combo (i guess i need the visuals ;-) Looking forward to another season!

Matt B

Totally agreed! I used Ricciardo’s from the F1 YouTube account (, playing it and listening to Paul’s read-through along the way.

More of this in the future, @negativecamber:disqus!

David in seattle

So Grace thinks JB should do a DC in 2017. Whatzup, won’t her new pool and cabana be ready next year?

charlie white

I agree with Todd that Red Bull is a valuable part of Formula-1 and they do spend much money in keeping two teams in the sport. I, for one, was tired and fed up with their weekly complaining and bashing of Renault and cries for “fair play” to get a competitive engine. However, I feel their threat to leave would had been the loud wake-up call this sport desperately needs and issues it refused to address adequately. I don’t drink Red Bull but I see their commercials. Skydiving, skateboarding, motocross, Global Rallycross, even the Air Races all show up inside… Read more »


Any footage of F1 is owned by FOM, so Red Bull would need to pay to use this in their commercials. They have plenty of the Red Bull branded events that don’t cost as much to use, so that’s what they do.

charlie white

I’m aware of that but I’m not talking about actual race footage. The team and brand has done enough public relations events like the recent F1 run in the snow in the Austrian Alps. My point is that when it comes to the US and its customers here, Red Bull does little for F1 promotion, not even in-store brand promotion, which runs counter to Todd’s statement.


Toto’s hair looks like my 3 yr old’s hair when I wake her up for school in the mornings. Camber – I see right through your trickery. I finally made a donation, and now feel compelled to comment more on the FBC site. (sigh) You win. Regarding Red Bull, yes they spend a ton of money and add a lot to the sport. Can’t they just go back to being the funny, quirky team that spends a ton of money and adds a lot to the sport? I had some other comments thought out when I was listening in the… Read more »

Negative Camber

LOL…welcome to my world. :)

Paul KieferJr

Just type as you go. You can always organize later. :D


God damn Mika is a sexy man.
But Webber is still my man-crush.

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