Podcast #466- Australian GP review w/ Sean Kelly

Join Paul and me as we welcome NBC Sports’ very own Virtual Stat Man Sean Kelly to the show to review the very first grand prix of the 2016 season, the Australian Grand Prix.

We cover each team as they finished and even discuss the debacle that was qualifying. You don’t want to miss this rare opportunity to hear Sean and get his direct-from-the-booth take on the race and hear his incredible statistical mind in this very special episode of Podcast.

You can follow Sean on Twitter right here.

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Dr T

With any luck Peter Sauber will be on the grid walk in Bahrain this year


PS – does Ron Dennis count as a vanity project?

Negative Camber

Yes, Peter was a little upset there. I recall seeing that last year. Ron counts for everything BTW. ;) It’s RON!


I am a little concerned about Paul being coached by Sean ahead of the next BBC Christmas Quiz…

Sean’s insight was an interesting addition to the podcast, but with him quoting obscure Monty Python it is even more important to invite him back.

Negative Camber

He was a real champ for agreeing to this punishment. A terrific guy. In my defense, I’ve been quoting Python for years here, Dave. ;) Do you live in Notlob?


The pet shop mans brother was lying.

That’s why I thought Sean was such a good fit.

Paul KieferJr

1. ……and I’ll be one of those fans who said that quali wasn’t broken to begin with. 2. About the difference between that debacle and NASCAR is that we let the drivers finish their laps. 3. Yes, we were absolutely confused. 4. I think Mercedes was thrown for a loop early on. Probably the one saving grace they had is that they kept fighting during the race. 5. Certainly, the tire choices did play an important part. 6. If Ferrari’s got an issue with medium tires, shouldn’t they fix that? 7. So, I guess I won’t count on Ferrari to… Read more »


Another great podcast as ever. Having said that, it could have used more Toto. For example, he must have a comment on Ferrari’s race strategy.

Sean Kelly was awesome. Any chance of making Sean a permanent member of the race review podcast?

Keep up the great work!

Negative Camber

I doubt Sean would be up for that kind of rigorous schedule without pay and besides, he’s too popular, people are asking for his time and attention so much we were lucky to get him. :) He’s ace though.

Mike S

I am so dumbfounded by the extreme levels of machinations occurring at top levels of F1 mgt trying to come up with changes that will impress fans. I have been a F1 addict since i was a kid in the 70’s, and i can’t, for the life of me, understand WHY F1 can’t see that MECHANICAL GRIP is everything. Its racing. Its exciting. Its REDUCED COST. These front wings and the rest of the car design that follows is SOOOO aero-dependent its not funny. The engineering alone in the front wing is the equivalent of a space shuttle design. I… Read more »

Ayo Ogunwumiju

As a Nigerian die-hard F1 fan, this podcast remains an oasis of motor racing culture in an otherwise barren landscape of tedious spectator sports like soccer’ and will foresee-ably be the closest thing Ill ever have to a group of friends who have a shared love for motorsports. I’m prbly THAT ONLY GUY downloading your podcast for about 4 years now with the Nigerian flag (if you’ve got some sort of visibility into geo-IP data). And I have decided to post on your blog for the first time ever just to expressly state just how “great” this episode was. I… Read more »

Negative Camber

How awesome is that??!! I would never have imagined that our podcast was being listened to in Nigeria. That’s really cool. Thanks so much for listening and we agree, Sean is a great guy and he was a very special guest to have on. He once told me that he sees pictures with numbers and I believe him.

I’ll be sending you Paul’s bak account number so you, as a deposed Nigerian prince, can deposit $14 million into his account. ;) Thanks mate and thanks for sharing your story.