Podcast #467

Join Grace and me as we cover this week’s news in Formula 1. We discuss the new qualifying format for Bahrain, Haas F1’s damaging model, letters from the GPDA, Vegas and much more.

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Andreas Möller

Haven’t had the chance to listen to the entire podcast yet, but I wanted to chime in on the “pay TV vs free-to-air” thing. Not only is the concept of where you watch sports different in the US, but I suspect also the concept of “free to air”. In the case of BBC, it is a license-funded operation, so there are no commercial breaks at all during their shows. I don’t know what the US equivalent to that would be (NPR?), but if US free to air means ad breaks every five minutes, I can sure see how pay TV… Read more »

Negative Camber

Good insight, I had forgotten that the UK is ad-free. We pay for premium channels that are laced with ads. I’m not even sure there is an ad-free service in the US worth watching. PBS comes closest and has good programming but not F1.

Andreas Möller

Ah, PBS – that was the one! NPR was what came to mind, but that’s radio, right? PBS – that’s the network Homer Simpson pledged money to, forcing him to flee the country, ending up as a missionary. I can’t believe I forgot that… :-)

Negative Camber

That’s the one. :)

charlie white

Univision/Galavision Spanish language stations show F1 races commercial free. If they only had a SAP option for English…

Paul KieferJr

1. A tribute to safety: To survive a crash like that. 2. ….or NASCAR? 3. You live in the wrong place? 4. That’s the problem: They’re not subject to US Laws, so they’re not subject to the law that forces the US Government to use “Plain English”. 5. I’ve been hearing the same rumors. Given the source, I’ll wait until confirmation actually comes. 6. Haven’t we been saying that for at least a decade? 7. …..and my question would be “where’s the evidence that you actually listen?” 8. …..”…and be not like the Pharasees and Sadducees who wail and tear… Read more »


The argument that constructors have against Genether is complete bull from all angles. For them to have and credibility comes only when they stop hiring attorneys and engineers to circumvent rules and bend/exploit regulations. They do so to gain an advantage on track, Haas did it to gain an advantage in their wallet.


No guys, no!

I say NO to one lap qualifying (again – we had it before remember)

I say NO to another freaking street race, Vegas or otherwise.

…and I’m not even half way through the podcast!


Could you explain “curly sandwich complaint”? I have a hunch but I can’t find that on my internet.

Negative Camber

It’s in my interview with Steve Matchett. If you haven’t listened to that one, you need to, Steve is terrific. :)


…re: Sky TV deal, as an “anorak” I would clearly pay and do in Australia. It’s great coverage! When it was free in Australia (Channrl 10 / OneHD) we at least got the Brundle commentary, but Channel 10 preview – which was “sub optimal” ;-) Now we get more than I can watch on Fox Sports which I think is full Sky broadcast. Here’s the thing, as a kid, we didn’t have Pay Tv – so you’re going to limit the next generation’s exposure. Also, it skews the power further towards FOM and the unfair distribution, whilst limiting the teams… Read more »