Podcast #468- Bahrain GP review

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Join Paul and me as we review the Bahrain Grand Prix. We discuss each team as they finished and even chat about that super cool new qualifying format as well as Haas F1 and even offer some awards which may or may no be the same as you voted.

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Dr T

Things we didn’t hear Stoffel say… [but he could have – having the most recent experience]


this toying around with sporting regulation NEVER works, and yet Uncle Bernie OPTS for mutilation of sporting regulation than keeping a consistency with technical counterpart, I might as well delete all recording related to F1 qualifying and just simply watch practice and race instead. Uncle Bernie, you can go f*** yourself! go f*** yourself!

Negative Camber

He’s had an idea for reversed grids and likes the HD tires as well as DRS but the FIA also likes the jostling of the quali regs. Teams were ready to revert to last year’s model but FIA didn’t offer that as an option.

Paul KieferJr

1. That sounds a lot like some group wanting to put some transportation funding item on our local vote, and we keep telling them that we don’t want it, and THEY KEEP COMING BACK!!! GO AWAY ALREADY!!! 2. Watch out, we might get a swelled head from Rosberg (not that it matters any); and now we see Hamilton’s “Achilles Heel”. 3. This was a mixed bag for Ferrari. On the one hand, Raikkonen proved that he had something left in the tank. On the other, you have to be concerned about that blown engine. 4. RBR: Ricciardo had a good… Read more »

Louis Jansen

Thanks again for the podcast! I always listen to your race reviews. Thank you also for the audio quality. Since my hearing is bad, I really appreciate your efforts. No background noise like 5 live, and by the way, their audio is much worse.
Great race again to watch. In the Netherlands we were happy with Max Verstappen scoring 6th place. Looking forward to the Chinese GP and your subsequent podcast!

Negative Camber

Thanks Louis, we appreciate your listening…from the Netherlands no less! that’s terrific! We liked Max finishing in 6th too. He’s a great talent for sure. You all should be vey proud of his achievements, he represents the Nederlanders very well.

Louis Jansen

Oh yes, we are very proud. This season is crucial for Max: On this Red Bull contract he is either progressing to the Red Bull team proper, we expect him to go this way, or being contracted to another team. He needs to show progress and maturity in his racing. Next race in China, looking forward to it!

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