Podcast #469

Join Grace and me as we discuss the Formula 1 news of the week. Who telling who to shut up? Is Haas F1 going to develop their car at all? Why is Williams F1 in the news? Who supports the Haas F1 business model?

Fashion award winner here.

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Steve Calvert

Blade runner was a little hard to understand but go back a few more years and do 2001: A Space Odesey

Meine Postma

Thank you Dave.

Matthew Fearon

Blade Runner is my favorite ever.


So after watching Blade Runner I went on a kick reading all of the PK Dick novels and stories I could get my hands on. His worlds are remarkably imaginative, thought evoking, and mind expanding. Unfortunately, they are also dark as night, depressing as hell, and I note with a sincere note of sadness, oddly prescient. Not suitable for small children and those with suicidal tendencies. F1 fans should be safe.

Negative Camber

Do you like our owl?

charlie white

There are 4 different versions of Blade Runner on the blu-ray including one that features deleted scenes. However, at its time of release, there were 2 versions: one for the US market(with the tacked on semi-happy ending escape featuring aerial scenes from The Shining) and the international one with the close of the elevator door and origami unicorn.

charlie white

In regards to teams attracting sponsors, I believe teams are either pricing themselves out of the market or sponsors are finding better sports alternatives that cost less and getting more exposure, particularly to their core or target audience. Maybe it’s time for F1 as a whole to step away from luxury brands like Mumm Champagne, Rolex and Emirates Air but, like McLaren, they don’t want to go down market. The wealthy jet set race fan is not enough to sustain the sport.

Andreas Möller

Nuns! Reverse!

Paul KieferJr

1. Even if it does make Ericsson the Swede equivalent of Pastor Maldonado, he drives a helluva lot better, so I wouldn’t be talking too much about it. 2. Yep, you lose the debate when you bring emotional reactions into the conversation. 3. We’ll just have to wait and see what does develop with Haas F1. 4. “Spirit” isn’t exactly codified into law. 5. …..and this is how the teams and drivers felt after their success in bringing back the old quali format: 6. That’s the problem: Formula 1 is trying to teach itself a lesson, and that’s a… Read more »

Clayton Brown

I liked the the discussion on sponsors. Intuitively it seems like you’d have a lot of sponsors interested in DRIVERS and not results. I guess a simple example would be Verstappen. If you want to get on board the Verstappen mania you don’t really care what place he finishes in – right? So you’ll always have sponsors that want to sponsor a winning team, but I would have thought you’d have a lot of other sponsors backing “interesting drivers”. The lack of sponsorships kind of indicates the drivers are boring. Or … I guess as others have commented … that… Read more »


Hey Negative Camber, my 5 year old grey cat is named “Mika Hakkinen” (always said in full). He’s very serious.


Thanks for Paul’s description, I’m finding they give me some insight to the laps and how the drivers are placing and controlling their cars. A thing that I wonder if Paul could explain for me (and the rest of the F1B audience, if I’m not the only wonk wondering about this). How do they control their braking? We hear that they have to exert 70 or 80kg on the pedal, when braking their bodies are being thrown forward by up to 3g of deceleration, the weight transfer on the car is varying as they slow, the aero braking and aero… Read more »