Podcast #471- The 2017 Regualtion Changes

Join Paul and me as we discuss the 2017 Formula 1 regulation changes. We discuss some of the proposed changes and what they may mean as well as chat about aero vs. mechanical grip for those new to F1.

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reverse grid, what are your thoughts on that? is it touching the essence of F1? in my view: On sunday your are on the postion you earned in the day before. That is the reward…. it is also the reason to cheer for the underdog when he, or maybe in the future she, starts way at the back and finishes up in front. Inequality is the best thing in this sport. Trying to level the field is like DRS, overtaking is no longer a art….

Negative Camber

Pat Symonds says it would challenge the teams to develop in alternate ways to overcome aero wake effects and while I agree with his core precept, I think the teams would get around it and start designing defensive aero to prevent passes and it would also be a short-lived solution. If there are no foreseeable ways a privateer or even smaller team can be competitive and it really is a two horse deal from here until 2020, then yes, they’ll have to do something to address the aero moving forward and I can see this as a stop-gap solution to… Read more »

Tom Firth

How do we actually know they’ll change the regs in 2020?

Paul Charsley

I’m against it, but i’m not against a qualifying race


Bring back real Overtaking – scrap DRS, inject them all with Verstappen genes!

Nicholas Greene

A huge section on aero, and no Jackie Stewart Tempo drop? I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed. Love the show, thanks for putting it out every week.

Negative Camber

LOL…when we started talking about tires, it struck me that I had not played that but the opportunity was past. :)

Paul KieferJr

1. It’s was “2” and “10”. 2. So, if you go to the ultimate in aero and the ultimate in mechanical grip at the same time, what do you get? 3. Where’s that ideal balance between aero and mechanical grip? 4. If they’re trying to reduce the costs, then they can’t have that hybrid. That’s what got them in financial trouble in the first place. 5. “Noise” engineer? Seriously? 6. You could sell the old engine design. At least then you’ve effectively given them an old engine while still having the opportunity to use a new engine design. 7. I… Read more »

Matthew Fearon

Hey guys keep up the good work. I’ve been listening to the show for about a year and a half and recently got my friend listening to it as well. He and I always get together to watch the races, its great to enjoy it with someone as enthusiastic as I am about it. Just a shout out!

Negative Camber

Thanks so much for listening and checking in. Really appreciate your support. :)

Vicky B

I listen to your podcast and love it. Really helped get me through the off-season. Would be nice to see more women in f1 but I agree that this must be on merit rather than some arbitrary quota. Vicky

Negative Camber

Awesome!!! Thanks for letting us know you’re out there and thanks so much for listening. :)


I think the merit question is a tricky one, because there’s merit and there’s level playing fields. I’m a sailboat racer and in last year’s Volvo Ocean Race they spent time working the last required 5% of brute force out of the design. Their theory was that with the boats designed for maximum possible effort from an Olympian level man they were closed to too many people. The physical effort wasn’t essential to the racing, it had just gotten that way because engineers work with and take advantage of the resources they have. They ended up not only with a… Read more »


I love the show, and dont want to nitpick BUUUUUUT:

Lewis hamilton winning the lewis hamilton award week after week is getting old. Both having his name on the tin and appearing so frequently should create some kind of additional threshold he needs to cross before being on the award. We get it, you think he’s a weird guy.

Keep up the good work, i know you can find some goofy swimwear or giant sunglasses SOMEWHERE.


Dan Ricciardo’s haircut?

Negative Camber

I understand but he makes it so easy and to be honest he’s a terrific producer of content in which to choose from. :)


On that subject – a ‘ scroll down at your peril’ warning about the LH picture at the top of this page would have been appreciated


At least balance it out with some objectified grid girls. I honestly started following f1 over other racing series becuase “Oh, those hot girls carrying flags are walking in a line”. Now you hardly see them anymore.

Paul Riseborough

NC, in response to you comments about the Mercedes ‘noise engineer’ job position, there are two skills they list that an acoustician wouldn’t have, namely:

• Experienced and capable in modelling 1D gas dynamics and engine thermodynamic systems
• Deep understanding of internal combustion engines and their sub systems

Given their objective is ‘improving the turbo hybrid V6 noise appeal without sacrificing power unit or vehicle performance’ I can see why they don’t want an acoustician.

Negative Camber

It’s a great point but I will say this would be a very difficult position to fill if you want someone who has done both. Having said that, however, it is probably a role that some of the car manufacturers would have folks trained in both. IT may seem odd to me but the road car industry may very well have a role or personnel trained in both disciplines.


I have a solution to improve the noise…
Just tie one of these in the exhaust flow…

Negative Camber

I was thinking playing cards in the spokes but I like this better.


Isn’t that in the 2017 regulations?
From the Autosport article:
O0n the fourth point of noise, there is understood to be a commitment from engine manufacturers to implement a standard power unit exhaust sound generator.