Podcast #472- Russian GP Review

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Join Paul and me as we review the Formula 1 Russian Grand Prix. In this podcast we discuss the turn 2 & 3 accident, each team as they finished and even discuss the conspiracy to prevent Lewis from winning another title.

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Francis Ware

Totally agree, I love the Sochi turn three, the car on full tilt. I almost get a little queasy like being on a theme park spinning ride watching it.


Lovin’ the radio, Seb, but man it’ll be tough getting all that on the front of a T-shirt.


I like the part where you broke down Lewi’s ERS system more than Lewi’s ERS system had broken down. :)

Negative Camber

LOL…that got wordy quickly didn’t it? Good grief. :)

Paul KieferJr

1. I dunno. If my notes were a living document, I’d be calling 9-1-1 in a hurry. 2. Suddenly, Merc’s kinda back to where they were. This is not good. 3. Starting to think that Kvyat’s earned the “first lap nutcase” title. 4. Definitely an improvement from the Williams boys. 5. Things seem to be turning around for McLaren. Let’s see how this progresses. 6. Some hope for Renault. Then again, even a broken clock is right twice per day. 7. At least it’s better than before. However, inconsistency isn’t a good thing. 8. Remember, all the troubles started with… Read more »


Hi Paul, on your point 3) – Kyvat doesn’t deserve a ‘first lap nutter’ rep, he did nothing wrong in China, and this was a turn 2 & 3 event ;-)

Paul KieferJr

Upon further review, maybe he doesn’t deserve that title….but he hasn’t exactly helped his cause, either.


It looks like red bull agreed with your original view Paul.
They’re a ruthless bunch, though at the moment a red bull or a toro rosso is a pretty good seat


Good job on the podcast thank you Paul for bringing up the failure of RBR to split strategies, I was surprised there wasn’t more talk about this on TV, I mean when God sends both your cars in at the same time with nothing to lose, taking an unlikely flyer on one car makes sense…but on both? A small point perhaps but I really think Kvyat hit Vettel thrice in that unhappy sequence, it seemed like between big thumps he tapped Seb’s RR tire with his left front wing, and if you watch the bird’s eye it seems to confirm… Read more »

Negative Camber

I just think he had a lot of pressure on him (they all do) but I think you have to give some space for the guy. They all make mistakes.


I do admire your attitude toward the drivers I think it’s healthy and supportive. I personally disagree with you in this case and I think Kvyat is as good as gone, won’t last the season. One of the reasons I find my wife’s swagger so sexy is she backs it up. You have to or you look like a fool swaggering.

But again I respect your perspective.

Negative Camber

I understand and I think Daniil is victim of timing…who knew the team would get a plucky teen like Max? They really want to keep him and moving him to RBR may help that endeavor. Daniil is a victim of circumstances.

Peter Riva

Okay, can someone explain why you two guys don’t take over NBCSN? A serious, experienced, logical review of the turn 2 and 3 incident. NO ONE on NBCSN got this right — BRAVO!

Negative Camber

Thanks Peter. Maybe you can call your pals and NBC and put in a good word for me. :)

Peter Riva

Glad to… but would Matchett forgive you?

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