Podcast #473

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Join Grace and me as we discuss the Formula 1 news of the week. We chat about Mercedes and their open letter, regulation friends and foes and even have a few awards as well as upgrade information.

Fashion award winner:

Nico Rosberg fashion


BTR Player:


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I give a (quaified) thumbs up for the hinted at Grosjean Nascar adventure. An oval, no way, but a road course, hell yeah. Please allow me to explain the positives… 1) The way I see it the F1B crew can use this to your advantage! A quick look reveals that both the Sonoma (26 June) and Watkins Glen (7 August) dates are open weekends for F1. I figure that if Haas were to send him to do the Sonoma race, that would be the perfect reason to get him hooked up with The International for a day of coaching at… Read more »

Negative Camber

In all honesty, I think Romain would have a blast. I know Lewis did when he swapped cars with Tony Stewart. It would be fun to watch him race Sonoma.


If it’s Sonoma, you have to get Paul to shuck up his pride on NASCAR, and get a downshift episode with Romain, if only if it’s like 10-15 mins.


They clearly said Romain was only interested in doing a road course in NASCAR. Not an oval. I love F1B, and it’s funny when they pick on NASCAR every now and then, but please be informed when you do. There are only 40 cars in the field now, not 43. They went to a franchise option, so owners points do not get you into the Daytona 500. Owner points are still used for the starting lineup in case qualifying has to be canceled. There are a few “open” spots each week for teams that do not have a franchise spot.… Read more »

Negative Camber

I don’t follow NASCAR so admittedly my insight into the intricacies of how the sport is currently ran is lacking and to be honest, I don’t have time to go research those details about the sport so mea culpa on that. It’s not that I dislike it, there’s just only so many hours in the day my friend. :)

As such, I didn’t read the comment about road courses only. The news story I read just said they thought it would be great to get him into a NASCAR race but a road course seems perfectly logical of course.


I understand, and I cringe when NASCAR people try to talk about F1 without knowing current F1 stuff as well. Some still think traction control is a thing and Schumacher wins all the time.


But the big difference is that Formula 1 has never had a commercial this awesome


The closest would be this, from early 2007:


Pretty cool. Reminds me how little I like Fernando’s beard.

Junipero Mariano

I can see why Haas would bring it up of course. Here’s some wishful thinking: Ferrari gets Haas to throw in some seat time in order to get Ricciardo to switch teams. Daniel’s probably a couple tenths faster than RoGro and loves NASCAR to begin with. He does use the number 3 logo!

Paul KieferJr

1. Yet we have word of a political move from one Max Verstappen. 2. How many winners do you know who would like to make it harder by changing the rules? 3. Then again, perhaps stable regulations may give lesser teams an opportunity to improve. 4. McLaren: Proof positive that stable regulations are beneficial. 5. ….and then there’s the “duelist” adage that if you don’t respond, then they assume that it’s true. 6. This is also known as the “Don’t feed the trolls” rule. 7. The only thing that Vijay doesn’t have is the mankini (thank God). 8. Well, at… Read more »

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