Podcast #474- Spanish GP review

Join Paul and me as we review the Spanish Grand Prix. What happened at turn3 anyway? Who’s to blame? Anyone? What about that Plucky Teen Max Verstappen…how old is he again?

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Paul KieferJr

1. By the way, one does not mess with a Swede. ;-) 2. Eh, I think I’ll just stick to my Big Red, thanks. 3. I think we can safely say that Red Bull had its head on straight and Ferrari’s smarts aren’t exactly 100% engaged. 4. I guess Helmut Marko knew what he was doing when he promoted Verstappen. 5. Bad luck for Ricciardo. That tire issue came almost out of nowhere. 6. Mercedes: Rosberg + Hamilton = Brain Fart. 7. Ferrari doesn’t really have its act completely together. Sure, they’re smart guys, but my grandfather was always fond… Read more »

Louis Jansen

Thanks for the race report! In the Netherlands we are very proud of Max! Not his first win, look at this report from his karting days in 2009 on Dutch television!

Negative Camber

You should be really proud, he’s terrific!! He’s been a lot of fun to watch. :)

Indy fan for life

If I recall correctly, the pair of you said Lewis was in the wrong for defending against Bottas in Bahrain. Now fast forward to Spain and Nico can do no wrong and he is absolutely right for driving Hamilton off the track even if that means that both cars end up in the gravel. This kind of inconsistency is aggravating to say the least.

Negative Camber

If you recall, I said Lewis saw the gap in Austin and took it, Nico left the door open and Lewis is in it to win, not back off. Even though he punted Nico, I think he made the right move. His move in Bahrain two years ago was the right move. I have lots and lots of occasions where I have defended Lewis’s moves and in this podcast, I feel it was 50/50 for both. Let’s be honest, Nico should never have gotten in that situation as he had a terrific pass for the lead but cocked it up… Read more »

Paul Charsley

I’m not sure what i said , but each situation should be taken separately as that is exactly what they are, I don’t think Rosberg ran him off the road I think Rosberg was covering his position and Lewis misjudged his move, not a grevious mistake, but a costly one


Excellent analysis of the first lap action and I think you both rise above the ‘I like this guy so this guy was right’ partisanship and call these incidents with expertise and objectivity.