Podcast #477

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Join Grace and me as we discuss McLaren and their stingy obsession with Honda, Kimi’s dislike of Monaco, Williams and their driver conundrum and Sir Martin Sorrell’s commentary on the future of F1.

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Indy fan for life

Just a friendly reminder that the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is still a Grade 1 FIA circuit. The road course at IMS has also been revised since it last held a grand prix and the racing has gotten better. However, I’m not sure that IMS would be interested in hosting a Formula 1 weekend because, as you mentioned, it is too hard to turn a profit on a Formula 1 race.

Negative Camber

Thx for correction, you’re right. IMS is a grade 1 but I never think of it in terms of hosting F1 as I don’t see that happening again. It is, as you say, grade 1 though and that’s great but I’m no fan of rovals.


I think the noises McLaren are making about not wanting Honda to supply another team are a smokescreen to try and hide the fact that no-one wants their power unit.
Red Bull may have signed up to Renault again because if they were left without a power unit for next year, they would be offered the Honda (as they are supplying the fewest teams).

Peter Riva

what’s killing COTA? Three things…
1. The advent of the Mexico race which took all those rich Mexicans.
2. Not one travel agency – not Orbitz, not Amex, not Kayak, has a weekend package. You want to go? Pay premium – which cuts out the small investor(fan).
3. No political endorsement by a national association. Is it the UNITED STATES Grand Prix? Nope. It needs to be marketed as a superbowl event – everything there, fan weekend.

Peter Riva

Ferrari was Malboro – and no one has stepped in the same way, not even Martini. You are 100% right about NASCAR association with “I support the Army team”.

Negative Camber

It would be interesting to see how many folks seek brands that sponsor F1 versus NASCAR. :)

Peter Riva

“Buying into the team” is 100% right… let’s see, I’ll buy into the team Santander… what?

Peter Riva

FI would not allow COTA to take on a name sponsor for the track. Associates at Rolex told me they tried…

Paul KieferJr

1. Forced “free enterprise” doesn’t really sound like free enterprise, does it? 2. Sure, it’s okay to protect national secrets with a ring of guys in uniforms who will so much shoot you as look at you, but when it comes to engines…. 3. We all have to do things that we hate. The only thing we can do is suck it up and get it done. 4. He’s a guy with an attitude problem. Usually, 50 push-ups will solve that problem. 5. I still have nightmares of him running into me on I-35. :P 6. No. I will not… Read more »

Negative Camber

hey folks, who was it that was looking for an old podcast…something like #213? I can’t find your email or whichever medium you used to ask for it and I want to try to get that to you. I am so sorry I can’t find your request. hit me up again.


I wonder… could the FIA ban government sponsorship/support of events? They did that for tobacco.

Though I guess now that they get a big piece of the money pie, they have an incentive to encourage FOM to be as greedy as possible. Nevermind.

*sigh* Greed is so counter-productive.

Mark Walker

I came home drunk, smelling of cheap perfume, and ranting about how great 2017 will be with Pastor back in F1 and my wife went stroboscopic .

Negative Camber

That is common.

Andrew Pappas

Obliquely off topic….
Benson Jutton was on Top gear this week hustling a McLaren around the track. My wife asked who he was. I said “remember soda cookies”? And she said ” Oh yeah! ”

She then added Pepsi and oreos to the shopping list.

Point being…. Advertising works!

Negative Camber

He was better than the actual hosts. :)

Andrew Pappas

I really don’t want to dump on the new guys. It’s hard to recreate something with so many eyes on you. There are kernels of a good show there. I’d like to give them some time to find it.

I mean….. It’s still better than motorweek

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