Podcast #481- Austrian GP review

Join Paul and me as we review the Austrian Grand Prix from the Red Bull Ring. We cover each team as they finished and even discuss the last lap incident. We chat about qualifying and hand out our awards of the race. What more could you ask for for free?

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Paul KieferJr

1. I would have thought the purpose of those extra curbs / speed bumps was to keep the drivers on the track. 2. So, I’m thinking that there’s now a true feud between Rosberg and Hamilton (even if they try not to show it). What happens down the road is anyone’s guess at this point. 3. I’m thinking that what Rosberg did was essentially “Attempted Vehicular Manslaughter – 2nd Degree”. 4. I don’t think that Hamilton could have gone out any further than where he was. 5. Then again, given that Rosberg lost two spots on his own as a… Read more »


This weekend is gonna be race-political crazy! Its Silverstone, Lewis stomping ground. If the German GP is Nico’s equivalent, one could also argue that Austria has ‘Nico’ stamped on it as Canada does ‘Lewis’. All this to say that Nico will be out for blood, if there was a place to ‘dethrone’ Lewis psychologically, it would be the attempt at Silverstone. Lewis, on the other hand, will be as hell-bent on that not occurring even more so than Canada, or even Monaco. Let’s add in the intra-team discussions that have occurred by probably tomorrow from Toto and what do we… Read more »


If team orders are implemented, then who would they favour?

If the follow the Ferrari model, then the driver leading the world championship will be ahead of his team-mate in every race until the title is secured. I can’t see Hamilton responding to any team order asking him to finish behind Rosberg, it would be multi 21 all over again. It would be a hard sell to persuade Rosberg that even though he has lead the championship all year and is in a much better position with regard to power unit penalties he is expected to let Hamilton pass.


I think the only thing Merc could do at this point, with regards to team orders, would be to “hold stations” at the end of races (once the pecking order in that particular race has been established). To move to the Ferrari model, they’d need to lose one of their drivers first, so they can bring in a clear #2 driver with the clear understanding what the job is.

Junipero Mariano

I was bummed after watching the race. If Ferrari wasn’t going to pull a win that day, then I was hoping for Nico to dig in and stretch his lead over Lewis. Then they collided. I think the championship takes a turn here. As long as it stays clean, Silverstone is Lewis’ to lose. Nico has lost the chance to run away with the championship. It’ll probably be a nail biter to the end. At least there’s no double points!


Whenever I think of you guys referencing the Sauber mechanic, I get the Secret Squirrel theme song in my head. Maybe it’s because I love cartoons. Please, come through with the IndyCar coverage. Do away with all radio transmissions from the pit wall, eliminate some of the buttons on the wheel, thus reducing some engine settings. One caveat though, if there is a problem with brakes, etc., losing a safety risk, the team can say one thing – pit or park (depending on severity and location on track) – and will have to retire the car. Granted, this is extreme… Read more »


Why can’t Grace, err…grace the race weekend podcasts?

Or is is a Hamltion/Rosberg situation with her and Paul?


Only over what to drink. :)


Todd will have to enact team orders me thinks.

Bacon Wrapped Sushi

Great pod as always guys. Interesting Donkey from Todd as I thought he was going to say Pirelli and throw us all off. I think I’ve reached my breaking point with NBCSN. Not with the commentating, but I cannot handle the repeat commercial breaks anymore of the same 5 commercials and the scenery intros that take a solid 15-20 seconds, etc. On the same TV station they show international soccer and have zero commercials during the action. Why does this happen? I would assume this is because of the stupid conditioning that the general public has had done to them… Read more »