Podcast #482- British GP Review

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Join Paul and me as we discuss the British Grand Prix. We review each team as they finished, some qualifying and hand out awards for Pass, Donkey and Drive of the race.

We even discuss the SC start and the Nico penalty.

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Kristinn Vignisson

Great podcast as always. Was kinda hoping you would give your two cents on the crowd booing Rosberg for no justified reason (unless not being British is reason enough). In my opinion it was an unfortunate stain on a stellar performance by the fans this weekend, and just as awful as the booing in Austria towards Hamilton.

Negative Camber

Yeah, I was very vocal about that in Austria and in my race report article, I talk about the booing as well. I find it base behavior to be honest. I get it that BPL and other sports do it but F1 has always been a bit different. Lewis didn’t deserve that in Austria at all and neither did Nico at Silverstone. Times they are a changin’.

peter riva

Actually Hamilton missed a great advantage – if he had taken the high road and told the fans to stop booing, it would have secured him a position of gentleman. Good PR.

Negative Camber

That’s what Paul said too…he would have added major kudos to his social media and fan appreciation. Not that he needs it, he’s loved by every living human these days. :)


I think Marcus Ericsson found there was a safety issue with running outside of the track limits on the exit of Stowe. However it was very gusty all weekend so many of the penalties were due to #JustThewind.

peter riva

NC, great podcast, but your wanting a drive through penalty as an equalizer makes a problem in and of itself… if on appeal it was found the radio transmission was okay, then your drive through may have ruined the race. How’s that racing fair?

Negative Camber

True, I am thinking of different ways that are a little more even across the board. As Paul says, you can’t penalize someone for a performance advantage and I agree with that for sure but I also think there must be some element that requires the team to do something other than race their race and just add 10s at the end. Nothing that would suggest this penalty is the most egregious and deserves the worst penalty but something more than an afterthought. There is always the threat of a post-event clarification I guess.

peter riva

If you come up with anything, let us know… I have heard two suggestions… Charlie can limit revs (“Push the button Max” from the Great Race) for 10 seconds and, really whacky, that car get a virtual safety car for a lap.


There are a set of penalties the stewards can hand out. 5 sec added to a stop. 10 sec added. Drive through. Stop and go. That is in order of severity. Of a penalty can not be served in the remainder of the race then an amount of time gets added to a driver’s time. Pretty easy for the stop time added ones, and they have numbers for the drive through style penalties as well. My thinking is that the radio communication was deemed to have a small enough impact that a drive through wasn’t justified (based on what they… Read more »

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