Podcast #484- Hungarian GP review

Join Paul and me as we review the Hungarian Grand Prix. We talk about 107%, yellow flags and radio bans and we even cover each team and hand out awards.

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Great podcast, as always! :-) I think the issue with the 107% was not about allowing the cars onto the grid, that was a given. It was about keeping the grid position! 107% rule states, that if you are outside of 107% in Q1, and you get allowance to race, you still have to go to the back of the grid!! If multiple cars are outside, they all go back and are ordered according to P3 times. So according to the rule, the Red Bulls and all the others would lost their grid position! I heard, that the stewarts already… Read more »


Achim is correct – each of the Steward’s decisions concerning the 107% rule had an additional line that dealt with the car being allowed to take up its grid slot from Q1. I still don’t see why that would mire the stewards down for three hours, before getting to the Rosberg matter. And even if it did, they could have immediately declared their intention to investigate the pole lap. But they didn’t, until much later. So something happened in the mean time, to persuade them to look into it. Lewis did talk about it in the press conference, and that… Read more »


I think they should consider slow zones just for the qualifying sessions. So in a yellow sector they have to drive through it on the pit limiter. That is transparent, easy to check for the stewards and does not automatically destroy everyones lap.

And I would add a rule to delete the fastest lap time of the driver who causes the yellow in the first place. Just to motivate everyone to not spin or head for the escape road in Q3.


In kart racing with no telemetry, the way to indicate that you had seen the yellow flag and were driving accordingly was to raise a hand in the air. As a novice this was done at the same time as lifting off the throttle. As a more experienced driver I followed what the faster drivers were doing and just raised an arm. This meant that you approached the incident at unreduced speed but with only one hand on the wheel (but at least there was no overtaking). As for the Raikkonen/Verstappen incident, it made me think of the Hamilton/Rosberg incident… Read more »


That’s what Häkkinen used to do. Raising the arm. Yet without lifting the throttle. Search for his pole lap of Monaco in ’98 on youtube. :-)

Paul Riseborough

In your podcast around 17:40 it is claimed the double waved yellow had been downgraded to a single waved yellow by the time Rosberg passed it. I don’t know the basis on which the claim was made, but it is not supported by the on-board video from his qualifying lap which shows that there are clearly two yellow flags being waved and displayed on the illuminated trackside display as he passes the marshalling station.

Negative Camber

Yeah, I just read that the afternoon before recording. As I said int eh podcast, I’m not sure if that was the case. In the same article, and I can’t recall where I read it, it stated that there was a delay on his steering wheel to show caution to.

peter riva

On the coaching radio calls: a thing to remember is that people lost their jobs at teams when they could no longer pass driving instructions along. Someone was there, in front of a computer, analysing all that… and now, poof, fired, gone.
There’s always a human cost.


Listen to the recent edition of The Cambered Corner for an indication of just how effective the right coaching can be.

peter riva

Hey, one thing… what press conference after the race????? Not NBCSN, not CNBC… oh, I get it, pirated foreign feeds. Here comes the non decorum rant: F*&*^&%%#&(ing NBC sports.


Details of press conferences can be found on the FIA website under Event and Timing Information for each race

peter riva

Thanks for that, but really my rant was against NBC… I PAY for that channel to watch (only) F1… and they can’t even do that right. Not even in the later broadcast when bicycling is over and done. As a producer of over 80 hours of prime time TV I can tell you that is seriously amateur.


The post race press conference with the written press is not made available live by FOM, no broadcaster shows it live! What you get to see post race on all broadcasters is the podium interviews and then a short press conference. The full thing is available to broadcasters later.