Podcast #486

Join Grace and me as we discuss the news of the week…well, actually we engage in Psych 101 in this podcast and get into the heads of drivers but just to show you we’re good sports, we hand out awards too.

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Matthew Fearon

Grace, sorry to break it to you but, IPA’s are great.

Negative Camber

You’ve instantly become Paul’s best friend.


If they run any trailers before FP1, then that’s when they will first mention that it calls rain at one part of Spa and not elsewhere.


Spa weather micro climate mention Vegas predictions
Nbcsn #1 P2 7 min into broadcast
Nbcsn #2 qualification 5 min into broadcast
Nbcsn #3 pre-race 2 min into broadcast
Nbcsn #4 race day 6 min into broadcast

Spa F1 total, Q1-race finish @ 12X
Leigh : 3
Steve : 4
David : 5

F1B commenting on NBCSN Spa Weather comments on podcasts
before race :3
after race (2 consecutive podcasts) : 6


On Channel 4 it was an hour and ten minutes into FP1 before they mentioned Spa’s micro climate, and different weather at different parts of the circuit. However they were talking about the original 8.8 mile circuit, and talked about Stewart’s accident in 1966 in a sudden rain storm that started his safety campaign.

How did you fare in the US?