Podcast #489- Belgian GP Review

Join Paul and me as we review the Belgian Grand Prix in all it’s glory. Who won beat the mighty Spa Francorchamps? Who won the race? Who caused the turn 1 debacle? How cool are the Dutch fans? We answer all that and much more.

Turn 1:

Spa Belgian GP Max Kimi Turn 1


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Dr T

Nasr’s penalty for exceeding track limits was fairly small… look what happened to K-Mag!

Max Johnson

I somehow have this idea that maybe Vettel is the godfather. It didn’t go very well for Danil after he crashed into Vettel.

He definitely is more leveled headed these day and want to talk and teach Max rather than spouting off the way Max is right now.

Max Johnson

As for the engine changes, I can see how this is very beneficial for bigger teams who are ahead, but the smaller ones won’t be able to benefit or afford to do it.

Max Johnson


Paul Riseborough

Yep, classic dive bomb. He was relying on Kimi avoiding him. No way he was going to be able to keep his car on the inside.


Did you not notice that Raikkonen and Verstappen came out of La Source side by side, without any further contact. If Raikkonen hadn’t been pushed into Verstappen they would’ve both got through the corner. There could even be room for Vettel if he had turned in slightly later. I certainly don’t have the talent to race at anything approaching this level, but one thing I did learn racing was that you need to make it through the first corner cleanly if you are to have any hope of a good result, even if it means giving up a place. Verstappen… Read more »

Zachary Noepe

Extraordinary analysis by Paul C of Verstappen’s race in the context of his career, really fair but substantive and good stuff. Well well done.


My opinion? The turn 1 calamity was a fair (albeit overly optimistic) move from Verstappen. That space wasn’t going to get any bigger, and this time he got away with it. Next time, he might end up in the wall – like whoever tried to divebomb up Kimi’s inside at the chikane in Monaco a couple of years ago. It was always going to be a gamble, and this time Verstappen’s sandwich landed with the jelly side up. Next time he might not be so lucky. I do, however, have a few issues with Verstappen’s defending on the Kemmel straight… Read more »


Tire pressures was something I never paid attention to from race to race, or compound to compound, and really therefore wasn’t up on them at all. After working with some teams and tracking pressures and adjusting the 0.5 to 1.0 PSI for track temperatures and compounds, realizing the differences Pirelli recommended was quite shocking, especially given its F1 and the specifities at such a high level of competition. When making changes because it saves ounces or hundredths, 20-30% change in PSI is crazy.