Podcast #497- US Grand Prix Review

Join Paul and me as we review the US Grand Prix from Austin Texas. We cover each team as they finished and discuss the details, drama, nuance, shenanigans and goings on of the race that was. We even offer a few awards and place blame or lack thereof on the incidents.

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Paul KieferJr

1. On occasion, I find myself thinking I heard something, only to find out that I heard nothing. I imagine that Verstappen was going through the same thing. It happens to all of us.

2. It’s because the rules leave too much room for judgement. Judgement calls usually lead to disaster. If the rule is absolute, you won’t need judgement calls. Either it happened or it didn’t, and then punish accordingly.

3. I imagine that there’s going to be some heads rolling at Ferrari.

Thierry Dubus

Maybe Rosberg would have past Ric regardless of VSC but that’s the point, maybe. Frankly NR doesn’t seem to win many close combats when they arise. A little bit like Pedrosa in MGP. The pass he won against Vers was dodgy at best, not clean and clear. Until he shows this capability more regularly he’s just a fast driver in the best car who had the deck in his favor. Hardly a ‘winning gladiator”. But hey… gotta be there when it counts and this year, he’s been there so good on him.

Negative Camber

Yeah, as Paul said, we both felt he would have gotten him on fresher rubber and in DRS…BUT, that’s why we race, he may not have.

Dr T

Pass of the pre-race

Lindsey Vonn on Lewis Hamilton… I think she was keen

Negative Camber

No kidding. I felt like I was watching an episode of the Bachelor or dating game. Good grief, advertise much? It was like High School out there.

Zachary Noepe

I said to my wife ‘Apparently Lindsey Vonn has a type, she’s after Lewis Hamilton now’ and my wife goes ‘for what, to eat?’ and as you can maybe tell, my wife has a certain expectation for the relative size of a guy and girl pair, but Ms. Vonn DID have a hungry look about her.


Button had such an amazing start. I wonder what he was thinking with all the errors around him. Thanks for this position, I’ll pass you graciously, you err and I capitalize, etc. I can’t imagine the next three races not having a mechanical failure for Nico. Not sure why he felt like going to the outside of turn one though. Especially at the starts one is always thinking another is going to dive up the inside. With COTA’s back straight, he absolutely would’ve passed RIC. Drivers were finishing the passes far sooner than the braking zone. Max got as close… Read more »