Podcast #499


Join Grace and me as discuss the Formula 1 news of the week. We chat about Ferrari’s Italian-ness, Max Verstappen’s displeasure, Ross Brawn rumors, Vettel’s potty mouth, and our 500th episode celebration.

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NC, Allan McNish explained the “controversy” from Mexico on BBC F1 site. He basically said the same things I was trying to explain to you. Pretty sure he knows what he’s talking about. Well respect racer, featured podcast intro so you can’t dismiss him as just part of #TeamLH lol!

Negative Camber

I get that. Allan is a great guy. I’ve sat with him in the Audi motorhome many times, interviewed many times as has Paul. He’s an awesome dude. It’s opinion, mate, we may disagree. I agree with Paul, Johnny Herbert and other drivers. One driver is not a definitive voice for all things driving. Many perspectives a some of that comes down to the style and personal opinion of a driver. It’s all contextual and so are the penalty interpretations by stewards.

Meine Postma

Plus Allan McNish is member of the Lewis Hamilton fan club.


Will listen to the podcast tomorrow at work. Probably just be you and grace agreeing on everything. So I’ll spice things up and report back with “disagreements” later lol!


Todd, I think you may be crediting me with someone else’s post. It’s not that I disagree with what was said, just that I don’t recall having written it.

Negative Camber

It’s a good default position because you’re genius but it was actually Nigel Cass that said it on our Facebook page. Thanks for checking me, Dave. Nigel’s awesome!

Peter Riva

Grace on ref calls – excellent. Is the job too big for one man (Charlie Whiting)? Off track? Moat with alligators? NO! Let loose the Kraken… Hey NC… did they write a Verstappen rule? (hahaha) On Schumacher… it may be about protection, it may be about privacy, but for me it has always been Michael’s wishes. If the family know what Michael would want, then I am sure that is what they are doing. End of story – Michael has the right. To deprive him of the dignity he wanted would be an additional injury (for him and the family).… Read more »

Jack Flash (Australia)

One of the BEST video interviews of Kimi Raikkonen I have ever seen… and done by Juan Pablo Montoya no less!!! Thanks NC for linking it on the F1B homepage.

Kimi is more relaxed, open, and himself. His real Finnish lyrical voice comes to the fore. Not the stilted monotonic mumbling one that he brandishes in front of the F1 press and TV cameras. And… he strings full expressive sentences together.

Thanks to JPM for luring out the real Kimster.

Andy Pandy

If it doesn’t rain at Interlagos and Lewis finds himself in the lead ahead of Nico do you reckon he might try to back Nico into the clutches of the Plucky Teen and the Honey Badger? Like Hungary? Isn’t it his only chance to get Nico into third? Obviously if he does and gets away with it, we might end up seeing the rulebook change again like after Spa in 2008 with that waiting until next corner to pass if you cut a corner before. Would Toto and Niki mind too much, they’ve already got the Constructors in the bag?… Read more »