Podcast #501- 500th episode celebration

Join Grace, Paul and me as we celebrate our 500th podcast episode by looking back at the 11 years we’ve been running We started our podcasts back in 2007 and the big news of that season was the McLaren Spygate incident with Ron Dennis and with the news this week that Ron would be leaving the team, we thought we should put a bookend on our first 500 shows with none other than Ron Dennis and McLaren. In fact, we thought we’d look at 11 controversies in F1 over the years just for a fun conversation and walk through memory lane.

What controversies caught your attention in F1 over the decades? Are there some big ones you were rattle by and what do you think of the incidents that we picked?

We hand out some awards and share some thoughts on our history and the community that has made FBC what it is. It’s a long show but since we’re not recording one this coming Monday, we thought you could handle it. We hope you enjoy the 500th celebration podcast—including a short snippet from our very first show—and we look forward to the next 500.

Fashion Horror of the Decade:


BTR Player:

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The Captain

That man had sex with Heidi Klum. and here I sit… god damnit.

Max Johnson

Jesus Christ Todd, now I have to wash my eyes with bleach. I seriously did not need to see that. Good Lord.

Tim C.

That photo . . . that’s just wrong on so many levels.


It took years to forget that picture last time it was posted.

Paul KieferJr

Gee, thanks, Todd. I’ve gone blind now. :P

Paul KieferJr

1. …..unless I figure out a way to record a podcast with just Skype on hand, and then God knows what might happen. 2. As the old saying goes, “No good deed ever goes unpunished.” 3. Unlike prize fighters and amateur wrestlers, you can’t bring a car under weight. 4. 70’s: Austin Pop: 282,000, Bergstrom AFB, Meuller Municipal Airport with planes taking off next to houses right over the Interstate (scary and noisy)… 5. Kinda like NASCAR? :D 6. Gee, all they gave me was a head sock when I tried this carting thing. 7. I’m surprised that there wasn’t… Read more »

Schumi Toronto

I loved the podcast Todd, Paul and Grace! How could I possibly have saved listening to it until Monday? I’ve been waiting a couple of weeks for it already! Hey Todd, funny you never mentioned the “mysterious white powder” around the Ferrari gas filler. Also were those gas karts you guys were driving in Austin? We haven’t had rental gas karts around here for decades! Anyways, great podcast – I’m going to listen to it again …. maybe I’ll save it until Monday.