Podcast #500- Brazilian GP Review

Join Paul and me for our 500th podcast episode in which we review the Brazilian Grand Prix in all its glory. We talk about Max Verstappen, Max and Max’s race and more Max. We discuss Max and great drives like Max’s. Actually, we cover every single team and driver and the entirety of the race and we do it all for free. 

BTR Player:

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Thanks NC for all the work you put into this here website thingie and the podcast is always superb.

Negative Camber

Thx mate. Appreciate the kind words. :)


See point number two in the link below. Your slap is in the mail! ;-P

Negative Camber

Well, you can never be too sure. ;)

Louis Jansen

Thank you for the great race podcast! In the Netherlands we also enjoyed this race very much! I enjoy listening to all your podcasts! So keep it up please! Been listening to you from early 2010.

Jeff Nolin

Thanks for the great podcast! As a newer fan it’s great to hear stories from the past and ones from the present. Thank you for all the work you put into it and I hope someday to find more fans in Rhode Island that I can watch races with!