Podcast #502- Abu Dhabi GP review

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Join Paul and me as we unpack the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and crown a new champion for 2016. WE talk about Lewis Hamilton’s tactics, where they “dirty tricks” or exactly what he should have done? Did Red Bull or Ferrari have anything for Mercedes? Did Vettel purposefully avoid the pass on Nico Rosberg? 

We discuss all of this and every team as they finished. We even hand out a few awards. 

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2-3- [7] -2-DNF-1-1- [5] -1-1-1-1-3-2-3- DNF -3-1-1-1-1 I agree with you guys, Rosberg is 100% deserving of his championship. However, you can still praise Rosberg and tell the whole story of the season at the same time. Interestingly, you guys made no mention of the reliability factor in your discussion. In case you have not figured it out, the numbers above is Hamilton’s report card(Race Results). So, with the exception of China and Baku, Hamilton finished on the podium every time. Where was this lack of focus you guys keep bringing up? The jetsetting lifestyle nonsense being peddled? I hope… Read more »


Can you do a similar analysis of the 2014 season? Will it show that Hamilton only won that title due to the poor reliability of car number 6?

David B

Hey guys thanks again for another excellent podcast. I have been reading a lot as a big F1 fan since the race finished and am disheartened by what I have seen. I feel compelled to write something and I only hope you both get to see it. I think it is important that some balance is brought back. I am a MASSIVE Hamilton fan and have been since he started in F1. This makes me biased and I am more than aware of that so I try and take it into consideration when thinking about F1. Nico Rosberg 100% deserves… Read more »


Very thoughtful and logical comments here. passionate as well i must add. problem is not fans like you David. Problem is that there are more fans in LH’s camp that does not rate or acknowledge any other driver for their achievements than any other drivers’ fans. They don’t care about FACTS, they don’t care about giving people any credit for the good work put in, they respect no one but LH. To me also LH makes it very hard for me to like him as a person in general because of the way he behaves on and off the track.… Read more »


The seperate download link (without the ad) is missing?

Peter Riva

Seems to be… welcome to the media world, journalism as entertainment.

Schumi Toronto

You can download it from the cloud symbol with the down arrow, into .mp3. I thought the same thing at first.

Schumi Toronto

Oh … without the ad. I get it.

Negative Camber

Ok, hang in there with me folks but we are not monetized and by using Blogtalk radio with inserted ads, we make a few pennies that help pay for server costs. If you’ll indulge me by listening to that feed, I would really appreciate it. We’ve been ad-free for 9 years and given my current situation (no job), I can use the ad revenue…trust me.


Great Podcast guys. It has been a while since commented here. But i have been listening from down under. The reason i didn’t leave any comment because I am still digesting the US election result. i don’t think i will ever digest it to be honest. Anyway, after listening to the podcast, reading hundreds of tweets and reading countless news articles since the championship decided, i have come to the conclusion that i can really relate some LH supports to the Trump Surrogates and some of Trump’s supporters. I want to emphasise the word “some” here, because i believe majority… Read more »

Zachary Noepe

Appreciate your thoughts but hope we can all keep F1 in general and this page in particular free from politics. Sports and F1 form an important escape for many of us and I’d like to keep it that way.


F1 & Politics are the longest lasting couple in the world. By far the most political sport in the world I might add. But of course I understand what you mean.

Andres De Leon III

I listened to the commentary (as I couldn’t wait to hear it) and I felt you guys were a little too hard on Ham post race actions. Yeah he did bring up the reliability for the umpteeth time but in the end he could not be more conciliatory and genuine on the podium with Nico. I thought he was sincere as he could be and I like the fact that he got out the way and let Nico have his day, whether or not that was intentional i don’t know. Forget about the “is Nico a deserving champion” talk. He… Read more »

Negative Camber

I thought he did say a few things that could be seen as conciliatory in nature and in fairness to him, as Paul said, he doesn’t have to like it. I also think his narcissism can get the best of him though.


Whoever is running Hamilton’s Twitter account has at least congratulated Rosberg.

Perhaps he has now had time to get over the immediate disappointment of losing the world championship?

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