Podcast #503- Nico Finali Mondiali

Join Paul and me. literally, in a very special episode of the FBC Podcast. We were both in Dayton at the Finali Mondiali event. Paul was working the event and trying to stage 1,000 Ferrari’s and I was working with the wonderful people at Shell covering the event for all of you. 

We are rarely in the same room so I took a couple of mics and a recorder and this is the best we could do on short notice with no notes. 

I’ll have a FBC Downshift episode for you with the interviews I did including Marc Gené, Kimi Raikkonen, Sebastian Vettel, Sergio Marchionne and Maurizio Arrivebene. 

HUGE thank you to the amazing crew at Shell for allowing me to work the event and bring you, the FBC community, some very special content. If you get a chance, let Shell know you appreciate their friendship with us otherwise, we’d never have access to the content we all enjoy. @Shell_US

Normally the Nico Rosberg announcement would be worthy of a special podcast but we were in transit to Dayton when it happened and this is as quick as we could cover so we share our thoughts on his decision and his possible replacements. 

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Peter Riva

Loved this celebration of Ferrari… a close friend of mine bought and restored this car (here’s the link to the book they did: image )

Let me know if you ever want to see it.

Negative Camber

Very nice car!!!

Peter Riva

Smart introspective and analytical discussion about Nico.


What an boring ‘elite sport’ full of self serving prima donnas. yuk

Negative Camber

There are some of those but most of the people I met were not that way. The father with two daughters who drive cars was a neat story. Some really nice people who love motorsport.


I disagree completely. My 16 year old daughter and I have just started watching F1 last year and this event hit the spot. I’m no Ferrari owner and likely will never be one with what I make. We talked to hundreds of people out there on Sunday and not one person blew us off or acted as if we were intruding. Quite the opposite, in fact. Everyone I talked to was more than generous with there time. I couldn’t find Todd or Paul out there, but that was on me as I had no idea what they were doing there… Read more »


So has this event taken over from Vrooom as the Ferrari winter celebration?

Tom Firth

No they’ve had Finale Mondiali for several years now. This is the first time it has occurred in the USA though. I’m not sure exactly when it started but its centred around the Ferrari world finals (translation) for the Ferrari challenge series, which started in 1993. Certainly run them since the early 2000’s as Schumacher, Barrichello and Badoer were in attendance, demonstrating cars. This is the close of season event, whilst Vrooom was basically the opener for the next.

Tom Firth

Ok according to Ferrari’s description about the 2013 event, Finale Mondiali has occurred for over 20 years.

Negative Camber

I miss Wrooom…so does Grace.

Schumi Toronto

NC – you bastard! Driving a 458 around Daytona AND your second hot laps with Seb … I’m so freakin’ jealous! You’ve ticked 2 or 3 or 4 things off my bucket list!

If you end-up driving hot laps with a recovered Michael Schumacher, I’m personally going to hunt you down! Great stuff! I wish you’d posted a picture of you and Paul … especially if it had a 2007/8 Ferrari F1 car in the background!

Way to go Todd, I’m living life here in Toronto vicariously through you!

Juho Kallio

It my be just the local papers but the talk in Finland is Bottas to replace Nico. Toto is part of his management team and he is more experienced than the Manor boys. Also he would be much easier to get out contract than Seb or Alonso.

The international

question then would be Williams, they need experience next year and would be left with a rookie

Juho Kallio

In my opinion they should move Pascal to Williams and Valtteri to Merc. Maybe on a one year contract. Williams also has the option of hiring Nasr who is very familiar with the team since he was their reserve before moving to Sauber. He also has two years of racing experience in F1. So while Williams would probably like to keep Valtteri they do have options if Merc makes a decent offer.

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