Podcast #504

Join Grace and me as we discuss Mercedes and their driver pick. Paddy Lowe and his team pick, Ferrari and their chassis pick and much more. We even share all the stats from the season according to a tire maker who also should be making coffee. 

Fashion Award Winner:


BTR Player:

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Lewis Hamilton wasn’t at the AUTOSPORT awards as he was attending the funeral of Aki Hinsta that day:
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Negative Camber

Well that’s certainly a worthy cause for sure.


Ross Brawn would impose team orders. His influence isn’t that deep in Mercedes.

The Captain

While ya’ll had plenty of news to talk about for the first off season podcast, I just wanted to say that I for one actually really enjoy the cheese, wine and beer season on the podcast.

E Ram

I’d love to see Carlos Sainz get the Mercedes seat.

Matthew Fearon

Grace….., did you just say…..”expresso” ?

E Ram

I think Massa listens to the podcast! – ” Felipe Massa is in talks with Williams about a comeback to the sport, having only retired at the end of the 2016 season. (L’Equipe – in French)