Podcast #506- New Year Resolutions

Join Grace and me in a very special episode in which we share our thoughts on what each team’s 2017 New Year’s resolutions should be.

In a rare moment, Grace joins me at my house for a special episode. We even have a special awards section for the F1 yearbook. My daughters were excited to have Grace at the house so they made us some quick signs for the Podcast.

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Great podcast, and great to see the picture of NC and the redoubtable Grace together . The new years resolutions for the teams and drivers are a brilliant idea, you should run with that for next year too.
Maybe post the template in late December so the F1B community can email their team resolutions, and make the show around them?
Anyway I enjoyed the fact that one way or another, all of the resolutions were for each team to do better. An eleven way tie for the Constructors Championship, perfect!

Peter Riva

I listen to every podcast… but I will not, cannot, sign into iTunes and click how useful these are to me. Is there any other way to click “like?” that counts?

Peter Riva

Donald Pleasance? He’s dead…

Schumi Toronto

NC thanks for posting the picture of you and Grace. I’ve seen pictures (even video) of you before, but I’ve never seen one of Grace. She looks totally different than what I had pictured her to look like. Now if only you could post one of Paul too, I would have the entire team in mind, while listening to the podcasts.