Podcast #507- The 2017 Regulations

Join Paul and me as we discuss the upcoming 2017 regulation changes for Formula 1. what will change? What will the impact be and why? We cover it all here and we even have a few awards too.

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In recent years, teams have run at most circuits with the maximum levels of downforce available (as this was the fastest way in qualifying and the race). Only Monza, Canada and Baku produced some lower drag wing solutions. With the 2017 regulations this will no longer be the case. While Monaco will always benefit from the maximum level of downforce as there are no significant straights where the increased drag will cause an issue, other circuits are likely to require each team to make a trade off between drag and aerodynamic downforce. This will require teams to either make adjustable… Read more »

charlie white

I see nothing positive coming from the 2017 regulations. It’s all going in the wrong direction.

Schumi Toronto

Paul sounded better over the phone on this podcast, than Grace did in the last podcast, in the same room! Grace sounded like she was on the other side of the room, being picked-up by your mic!

Negative Camber

That’s exactly what happened. The dual mic setup I used had a very negative echo effect and I should have known that, I’m in the business after all, but for some reason I rooked it and had to go with one mic channel to avoid latency echo. Thanks for noticing. :) I needed to record that a different way.

Paul always sounds good. When he opens his mouth, mighty arcs of sound come out. :)