Podcast #509- The Bernie era is over, now what?

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The announcement that Bernie Ecclestone has been dropped by Liberty Media as the CEO of F1 broke right as we pressed record! You’re getting our raw reactions as well as what we feel Liberty Media might focus on to change F1 in this special episode of the Bernie-less F1.

What do we really feel about Bernie Ecclestone’s departure of F1’s chief? What changes should Liberty focus on and will it be easy? Share your thoughts on what you feel the new owners should do to “spice up the show.” 

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I think a digital on demand package would be easier than you think but certainly not cheap. I think pricing would be closer to MLB Vod package cost. Which when I had it was around $125 per season but there was a lot of bang for your buck. You were able to watch every game from every team and go back to watch past games from that season as well. So turning back to F1, the key is pricing. Setting current contracts aside for the moment, in order to make the current tv rights holders happy I think the price… Read more »


Your latter comments on Ross Brawn and his new role are well put, especially considering that FOM has a third of the votes in the Strategy Group. Since those votes were the voice of Bernie, Is Brawn the new Bernie? I think so: On Steroids. It is likely that Ross’s new position is indicative of the direction (and amount of influence) Liberty expects to exercise in determining the future of F1. Ross could go wherever he wanted. He went with Liberty. If you argue that the FIA should be the independent arbiter of the rules, then you can also argue… Read more »


While I would love for merchandise to decrease in price, I doubt it will. Using the $98 t-shirt example, making them $25 each seems more than fair. I would imagine that they would sell an additional three to make up the difference, and have more brand promotion with more four times as many fans wearing them. However, I don’t think any of the teams care about that. They all appear to value exclusivity over fan appreciation. Maybe these price points are set by FOM, but I’m unsure. Even if i could afford a $100 Puma tee, I would get it… Read more »

charlie white

I have been voicing the same complaints about the USGP at COTA since the very first race. There is little or no on-track action away from practice, qualification and race day. It all boiled down to scheduling: there’s just not much motorsports in America in mid-November or late October. All the major American racing series, except NASCAR, are done. From the very beginning, I wished COTA had petitioned Bernie for an earlier date in the spring around mid-April or early May so they could bolster the weekend with other racing series. Now pressed against the Mexican GP, I wonder how… Read more »

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