Podcast #510

Join Grace and me as we discuss McLaren, more McLaren, Bottas, Ocon, ingénue Ross Brawn, and much more. We even have some awards. 

Fashion Award winner:

BTR Player:

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A couple suggestions to cut unnecessary spending:
1. Ban all motor homes, only allow teams to fill their garage(s) and 1 tent (like at a church cookout);
2. All catering must be in the form of local food trucks


2. I think that would be the equivalent to you doing this instead of cooking – always more expensive to eat out in the long run.

Schumi Toronto

Is that Ricy’s knees popping through his pants OR is he wearing shorts and knee socks? Eeeehhhh? Didn’t see that one coming, did you? :)

Schumi Toronto

I really hope that “Badass” is as good as Niki says! Imagine how good that would be for F1 – Badass pushing Hammy? WOW! Liberty would be on top of the world! (By-the-way … so would we.)

Nicholas Greene

Tomorrow, in a parallel universe, the disembodied head of Mr E and Richard Nixon (from Futurama) are wheeled into a London law office. The flunky pushing the cart is followed by Ron and Diamond Joe. They’re not here to make friends, they’re here to by Manor.

It’s a reality TV play, maybe Death match, maybe Hard Knocks. We’ll find the story in the edit bay. Jackie Stewart and Richard Hatch host. Max Mosley is living in their shed for, reasons.

Negative Camber

LOL!! Love it!