Podcast #511

Join Paul and me as we discuss some Formula 1 news of the week. We cover Ferrari’s pre-loaded start concerns, Max Mosley’s comments and even chat about Bobby K. Big thanks to Paul for helping me out of a scheduling debacle of my own making. 

Fashion award winners:

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I think absence of TCS/ABS isn’t necessarily an indication that F1 isn’t about progression of tech. It could be seen as something that makes driving them too easy, that tech has developed so much in that realm that it’s nearly like cheating. And it’s a way to control costs and teams will continue to explore various aspects of it. Bob back in a car would be really cool to see. Unfortunately teams signing a driver for particular races is over. BOT not having a multi-year contract benefits him to the contrary of what Mika said. Many divers at the back… Read more »

Negative Camber

I understand your point for sure and yes, ABS/TCS would and did make it easier to start, drive and brake. That’s why it was removed. There’s that fine line though, we get reminded that F1=tech and that’s why we have paddle shift, hybrids, and all these things they claim to be road relevant but won’t fit the cars with TCS/ABS…surely paddle shift makes it easier to drive? Some folks get frustrated when you suggest not using a tech element but my point was, that doesn’t mean F1 isn’t high-tech. It means it doesn’t fit the element of racing they want… Read more »


I know this is late and I’m not disagreeing with the point of paddle shifting making driving easier like ABS does, but I would like to add that paddle shift is the only way the tranny can shift so fast and with such precision. I think that aspect is more a necessity to allow such high tech trans to operate optimally.

peter riva

Kubica back at all? GREAT!

Bottas one year deal – you may well be right about competition with Hamilton. However, what are his finances like? Does he need the paycheck so bad he’s going to play 2nd fiddle?
Lewis is “superfast?” So, he’s got a 1965 Ferrari? Haha.


Annie are you ok? The fashion award looks like Lewis channeling Michael Jackson. And with all the current and historic Mercedes / AMG options he’s driving a late 60’s Mustang? There’s no stopping him. I hope one of the teams lets Bobby K have a test in a current car, he was really quick in a good car, it would be nice to see if he’s still quick after all he’s been through. Good for Ferrari trying to get pre-loaded starts banned. In NZ ‘pre-loading’ is getting loaded on cheap booze before hitting the town. Starting an F1 GP pre-loaded,… Read more »


A factual correction – Combined wind tunnel hours and CFD (computer simulated aerodynamic) calculations have been limited in F1 for some time now to control costs. Teams can vary the wind-tunnel / CFD split. Actual wind tunnel on time (time when the tunnel is blowing air) is limited to a maximum of 25 hours per 8 week period. This has controlled costs to an extent, but it has also meant the teams spent lots of money developing sophisticated measurement techniques to gather as much data as possible when the tunnel is running.

Negative Camber

You’re absolutely correct and I think what I may have been alluding to is the complete removal of one or both elements as has been sometimes mentioned by Adrian Newey etc. The idea isa real clamp down on both even further than what is used now. You bring up a great point though.