Podcast #512

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Join Grace and me as we discuss the regulations and who thinks they will succeed or fail, the freezing of Mercedes power units (great idea!), sandbagging or lack of and much more. We even have awards to give out. 

Fashion award winner:

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Not to be the content police, but didn’t the French teams Ligier and Renault, Alain Prost and Philippe Steriff boycott the 1985 South African Grand Prix due to a French Governmental ban on participation in sporting events in South Africa due to apartheid. Subsequently Jean-Marie Balestre and the FIA cancelled future events until the institution was abolished. I agree that Checo’s stand and a race promoter’s politics and criticism is somewhat different. However, there has been a precedent for politicization of F1 prior to Bahrain, Russia etc.

Negative Camber

Yeah, I’m not saying it hasn’t happened but it’s very rare and in recent memory, I couldn’t recall a situation and felt that if I had to Google something, it’s pretty rare. :)


Truly it was not meant to be overly critical. I only had a vague recollection that apartheid had something to do with why we don’t race in South Africa anymore. I didn’t even follow F1 back then. I just went down google-Wikipedia rabbit hole.

Tom Firth

Apartheid was why they stopped, correct and the history you mention above is the general story behind it. F1 was rather late at pulling out of South Africa sporting events as a result of Apartheid though. The IOC and others had much longer-term bans on the country competing etc.

They did go back to Kyalami after Apartheid too, for a couple of years in I think ’91 and ’92 but I think it was a cost reason that stopped that from continuing. The facility was recently purchased by Porsche though so we could see F1 back one day.

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