Podcast #515

Yes, you can call this the Who Quadrophenia podcast because, “we go out of our brain on the 5:15”. We cover testing #1 and what we learned as well as what we’re looking for in testing #2 from BARCELONA! Social media and Lewis Hamilton too. “Are you crazy?”

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charlie white

<—probably one of 5 people who ever watched the movie DRIVEN in the theater and one of maybe 15 people who own it on DVD to this day. I almost walked out on it when Sly Stallone drove the ChampCar on the Chicago streets but did it in pointy-toed cowboy boots and barely withstood seeing a wheelchair bound Burt Reynolds do an impression of Frank Williams. Stallone originally wanted to do a F1 movie but Bernie pushed back. Good call, B.E. Pop quiz: whose driver helmet design did Sly Stallone use for the movie? I feel bad for Grace because… Read more »


It has happened before, Brabham, Lotus, Tyrrell all won multiple championships and slowly dropped down the field before running out of funding and disappearing from the sport.

Zachary Noepe

I think mid-field might be a lot to hope for at this point.

Schumi Toronto

Where is the fashion award winning photo?

Rhys Stephens

With regards to the teams providing content to the various social media platforms chipping away at the value of the Sky’s of the world, I don’t really see it as a problem. It’s not as though Ferrari, McLaren or Red Bull are going to start broadcasting the race. That’s what people sign up to Sky for – race coverage. All the other content is just a bonus.