Podcast #516

Join Grace and me as we discuss the end of testing and what things we thought were important. We cover attacking drivers, GP2 and even discuss twitchy brakes and standing re-starts. 

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Juho Kallio

Y’all said the Finns are ugly and won’t make the car faster but they just recorded the two of the three fastest laps in all of testing.

Oh you were talking about fins not Finns. My bad.

Keith Russell

Fins aernt wot they used 2 be!

Keith Russell

Grace, as a person who works in VR i cringe everytime a newbie trys to explain the hardware, however hats off to you as Todd would say, you were on the money with your description of low end phone based versus higher quality pc/console headsets or HMDs as we call them, i smiled as i heard you defend the psvr, and its oculus rift and htc vive by the way are the two you couldnt remember

Zachary Noepe

Holy cow I did not realize until listening to this that horrible picture of people with Bernie faces was real. I thought that was a cobby and ill-advised photo-shop project. Who’s idea was that for a festive motif?

I’ve never been happier to have missed a party.

peter riva

Surtees had previously been awarded an OBE and an MBE and then in 2015 got the CBE.


Should have got the knighthood as he was the Ed Hillary of two and four wheels

peter riva

I love Todd’s Freudian slips… “Honda came to testing with a completely resigned engine…”


Sorry Guys living in a bit of a time warpo at the moment but the music dicussion from this or the previous podcast I would have picked some good old Hair Metal for Nico…… Prime mover by Zodiac MindWarp…… or is that dating me :)


Sorry Grace the old fart in me just vomits everytime I get near a VR head set. Spent a very memorable evening at a friends were I ended up on my knees after some VR racing action…… or was it the beers and Malt….. hmmmm at least I am way over 21


Just back from Rural India….. The hotel Wifi was down for 7 out of the 8 days. Unfortunately I didn’t have a good data plan on the phone so was really experiencing 1st world problems….. Love India though and can’t say a bad word about the really helpful locals. Just spent today catching up on a whole heap of podcasts. Thankyou for all your efforts
Cheers Scott


Hate the Fins, But not the Finns……….

Wayne DR

Grace, at least you will be able to back McLaren every race! (even if it i only for first out… Sorry, easy target)

Schumi Toronto

Todd I loved the talk with Steve but where is #517? I usually listen Tuesday nights, while making dinner and it’s already Wednesday! I’m waiting to hear what you and Paul have to say about Australia and your predictions for the race. What’s going on?

Negative Camber

LOL…well, I did throw up my F1 season preview presentation. :)

Schumi Toronto

Hey … are you saying that you puked? … oh, you mean ” .. at least I posted” my preview. Yes thank-you for that too, by the way..

Betty Push

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