Podcast #517- Australian GP review

Join Paul and me for this year’s first Race Review podcast. We cover the Australian GP and each team as they finished on Sunday. We share out thoughts on the race, teams, drivers and more. We even hand out the season’s first awards.

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I don’t think Mercedes told Bottas to hold station. 1. Niki said they didn’t. 2. The consensus is that the Merc doesn’t follow other cars well. 3. Bottas is there in part because of his maturity… a juvenile youthful display of aggression (think Verstappen) would not raise his stock with the team. So my guess is that at best he could have put some pressure on Lewis, but there was no way he was going to pass (especially without the Verstappen Rule to prevent Hammy from aggressively defending)

Zachary Noepe

That makes sense and I further think he did the right thing even if he wants to be aggressive in the long run. I think he knows that Lewis knows he was chasing him down, and his icy ways are better served by drip-drip-dripping the pressure on a Lewis who is, let’s face it, not psychologically sturdy as a driver.


Don’t think HAM thinks twice about BOT or VER ‘chasing him down’. He will discount it based on finishing on 40 lap old Softs verses their 32 lap old Soft and Super Softs.

On the other hand VET was clearly taking up a lot of space in HAMs head over the first stint.

Negative Camber

I don’t think Lewis is worried about him. I think his focus is Vettel…and for good reason.

Zachary Noepe

You could be right of course but I respectfully disagree. I think when someone threatens him from another team it’s easy for Lewis to chalk it up to an unknown and insurmountable advantage – and he might be right. When he’s threatened by similar equipment is when we see him really lose his grasp on zen/businesslike Lewis and start with the ‘they gave him my mechanic’ style paranoia. Case in point he can’t get over Rosberg. And he has a reason, of course, getting shown up in the same equipment goes right to the question of how good you are.… Read more »

Salvu Borg

Not only was Vettel taking a lot of space in number 44’s head but also totally Dumbfounding his team’s strategists.

Vowles head strategist of Mercedes: “and than we started to push-Vettel responded, we started to push again- Vettel responded, than around lap eight we told number 44′ right, lets really get the hammer down now and see what we can build this gap- and Vettel responded straight away”.


Good link thanks Zachery. Hamilton showing the grace and magnanimity of a true champion.
Have you heard the 5Live pre race podcast, from their interview with Hamilton? Apparently no one at Mercedes has even noticed Rosberg has gone.
There must be such conflict in his head. He can’t accept he was well beaten by someone he considers inferior……maybe he’s not as superior as he thinks.

Salvu Borg

Correct, Mercedes didn’t told Bottas to hold station, what Mercedes did when Bottas on 8 lap newer tyres rapidly closed in on number 44 was informed him that they had just instructed his team mate (number 44) to turn down his engine. and pronto, Bottas acted as a good boy should.


Mercedes to Bottas “Multi21 Valtteri”
Bottas to Mercedes “wtf?????”
Mercedes to Bottas “Contract extension clause”
Bottas to Mercedes “Understood, switching to fuel saving mode”

Formerly Known As

Never happened.

Bottas actually said that he feels he has more pace, naturally on newer tires, but has trouble closing in.

Lap 48, Bottas Radio

“I feel like I have a little bit more pace but struggling to get closer.”

Pit to Bottas:

“Copy that.”

peter riva

Erickson = 8th season. Really, he was chosen for Sauber?

Schumi Toronto

Hey NC … you forgot the most important part of any podcast – what the hell were you guys imbibing?

Negative Camber

LOL. I was drinking water but I have no idea what, if anything, Paul was drinking. :)


That won’t last, another season with no passing, you guys can’t do that sober!



The international

IPA with the beer cozy as stated!

Schumi Toronto

Uh … wrong Nico … I believe it was Hulkenberg – not Rosberg – involved in your “pass of the race”.

Zachary Noepe

Nice podcast. So happy and impressed by Giovan…zi, Ocon, Vettel. Ocon’s cool head as things got a little squirrelly in that Alonso pass looked really pro. A lot of great performances in that race and a lot of rising to the occasion. Some good sport.