Podcast #519- Chinese GP Review

Join Paul and me as we discuss the Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix. We review the race and each team as they finished. Paul renders judgment on the Stroll/Perez crash and we offer three awards too.

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Thierry Dubus

Has it ever occured to you guys that Kimi, and I am a fan, could have been yelling about his lack of grip etc. because Vettel was pressing behing… Ego thing…

Negative Camber

That’s possible but for me, I think Kimi’s been around long enough to know when his strategy is going south based on the grip levels and performance of his car. I tend to think he knew he was getting strung out as far as a strategy goes and wasn’t happy about it or his car.

Zachary Noepe

It definitely occured to me. Hard to say, is he frustrated because the car’s not working, or is he just frustrated? To me it seems pretty simple, Kimi’s good enough to drive to about fifth. Last year that suited Kimi because he was happy to drive a 6th place car to fifth which was a job well done, while Vettel was trying to put a sixth place car into the win and making a mess of it. Now that the car is a second or third place car, Vettel’s close enough to try to win with it, and Kimi’s still… Read more »

Negative Camber

IT’s prompted speculation that this year’s car is suited more for Vettel than Kimi but I recall when I was at Ferrari, I asked about that concept and right or wrong, they said that’s bunk. Still, it does seem like that looking across the years and different drivers etc.

Thierry Dubus

Palmer must have been a handful for his teachers when he was in school always having these incredible (insane? Improbable?) reasons for everything…

Phil Smolenski

Utah movie reference guess: Ray Liotta, GOODFELLAS?

Negative Camber

From Fletch.

Ralph Beentjes

Utah-reference is from Fletch, with Chevy Chase, if I remember correctly.

Negative Camber

Whoa!!! Now that’s impressive right there. It was from Fletch. Well done!!!

Ralph Beentjes

Woohoo! I can’t remember important stuff, but when it’s about weird references, my brain never fails.


Beer choice in Utah:

Polygamy Porter – Bring some home for the wives.

It’s actually really tasty stuff.

The international

Cheers for the tip!

Jimmy Foley

If we hear a lot of complaining now about blue flags just imagine what it would sound like if backmarkers put on ultra softs and raced each other for a fastest lap point. Vettel might lose his mind.

Negative Camber

LOL…he probably would. It would be blue flag mayhem. :)

Zachary Noepe

Great podcast, good insights, impressed with the Perez/Stroll incident analysis. I know this is a lot to ask of nc and paul but are you so sure there was no room for an appreciation of drs in that race? I found the analysis of the race as proof theres no need for drs, and as a race with no drs passes, as a bit lacking in nuance. If the passes are all happening in the set of curves after two drs zones, are you confident they would still have happened without the stalking car closing on drs? If drs is… Read more »

Negative Camber

I think that’s a fair point in that DRS would help you close the gap and while you may not make the attempt on the immediate turn at the end of the DRS zone, it may help set you up for a pass for sure. That may have been happening, I just wasn’t watching that closely to be honest. I was focused on turn 6 because that’s where the passing was happening.

Guy Fawkes

No mention of Max whinging over and over for Grosjean to get out of the
way, even though he was nowhere near him? 1.3 to 1.5 seconds, if I
remember right. That was amusing me and causing me to cringe at the same

Negative Camber

It was surely an element of the race and I did mention it when I was on TalkSport Radio in London. Max was certainly feeling the pressure by Danny and blaming the Haas for all his woes. :)