Podcast #520- Bahrain GP Review

Join Paul and me as we review the Formula 1 Bahrain Grand Prix…from Bahrain. We cover each team, each driver and share our opinions on the race. We even hand out awards too! 

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Zachary Noepe

Good analysis of the Stroll/Sainz incident – very informative.

James Hammond

Thought I might mention that I don’t think Williams would be any better off if they had not let Bottas go as they had already signed Stroll. Therefore Bottas would probably be where Massa is and Strohl will be where Stroll is… ;)

Zachary Noepe

Maybe even worse. I think everyone realizes that car is seriously fast and my theory is it is running something a lot closer to the real Merc engine mapping than it otherwise would be because of the deal Claire struck with Toto for Bottas. If Stroll gets it together at all she may be proved pretty clever in the long game. The part of the grid they’re in rewards a very small improvement in position – they outscored both Force Indias in one race with one Williams finishing just in front of the better Pink pig. That bit of speed… Read more »

charlie white

The donkey of the race should had gone to Mr. Bernie Ecclestone. He had the nerve to show up at the race(by invitation of the Bahraini royal family). Then, he had the cajones to face the media to criticize Liberty Media for “overcharging” F1 promoters for races.

Salvu Borg

NO, not correct, he said that he was the one that had to overcharge the F1 promoters.


Wasn’t Bernie there in his ‘Chairman Emeritus’ position?
I was reading about this on the JA on F1 site, their comments have no decorum and civility expectations and some of the comments towards Bernie are absolutely septic.
When you read his quoted comments, it doesn’t look that controversial. To some extent it looks like Bernie acknowledging that he was doing deals that were about short term profit, but that’s what the shareholder – those money grubbing CVC crowd – wanted.
In Bernie world, that might even be an apology!

Negative Camber

I find that people usually have a Bernie filter. They rarely parse his words or put them in context. I understand, people have made him the object of their derision for years and not always without warrant, mind you.

Mr. E was a guest of race organizers I believe. He’s just being Mr. E, that’s what he does best but I think a lot of the acidic commentary is often times misplaced (not that Charlie was being out of line, not poking you Charlie…just a more general statement). Context is king. :)


I find its always worth listening very carefully to Bernie, he normally says just what he means, you just have figure out what the heck that is.
Any news on what his post F1 career will be?

Daniel Johnson

His statements just come off as bitter. The subtle shot at Liberty Media “not being interested in making money” was probably the most egregious thing in the interview. He did a lot for the sport but I think he was really short term orientated to a very big fault. So far the new ownership has impressed. I’ll be more interested what they are able to leverage in terms of new rule changes going forward.

Schumi Toronto

Hammy was the donkey of the race! What would be the difference between waiting behind Bottas and taking his time entering the pits, only to hold-up Ricciardo? Stupid move from a “world champion”!

NC – when you talked about McLaren putting Vanderone’s car up on it’s side at the back pf the garage, I pictured an old boat at the cottage, that ayabe you’ll use one day … but never do, as it rots away! That cracked me up!

Negative Camber

LOL…that’s the exact mental image I had when I was thinking it. Just an old boat tipped up against a barn. :)

Brock Totman

Hello,I first off am a fan of Red Bull racing and their two Drivers, so it pains me a little to see them start this season off a behind Ferrari and Mercedes. I am hope full that they have an upswing later this season. lately I have been reading articles and interviews about Red Bull revamping their chassis in Barcelona and Renault planing an engine upgrade for Montreal. I wanted to get your opinion on if later in this season we’ll see Red Bull in contention for wins, or do you think they are so far behind Ferrari and Mercedes… Read more »

Daniel Johnson

The only thing I want to add to the great Sainz/Stroll incident was that I think that the difference in braking points is what really caused it. Sainz should have been aware of the fact that his braking point was much later due to his slower speed at that moment. Stroll was already braking by the time he was passing Sainz and the sudden change of speed is what really contributed to Sainz finding himself on the apex that Stroll had already committed to. Still 100% Sainz’s fault but just one nuance I think everyone is missing.