Podcast #521

Join Grace and me as we discuss the lamenting of Williams and McLaren, the Red Bull departure, Alonso at Indy, Renault’s resurgence, Privateers vs Manufacturers and more. We even hand out awards.

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Paul KieferJr

1. I did mention the idea of a luxury tax where the top teams that spend past a limit get taxed at a certain percentage which will be contributed to the lower teams. I don’t think anyone’s been listening…at all.

2. So call him “Ricky Ricciardo”. That’ll really confound the fools. ;-)

3. Thing is: I hate whiners. They’re like nails on a chalkboard. If someone can make a decent point without annoying the hell outta me, I’d be a little more sympathetic.

4. ….and this NASCAR fan thought that reporter was stupid.

Guy Fawkes

But if he’s called “Ricky Ricciardo” wouldn’t he be required to refer to understeer as “Lucy”?

Bruno Tattaglia

Luxury tax does not work. See GSW, SAS, CLE…..few super teams packed with super stars…..look at PIT in football….Luxury tax would be easily by-passed by Ferrari and Redbull. Hey ALO contract is more than Sauber budget!!!!

Paul KieferJr

Unlike professional athletic team sports, auto racing also has parts and equipment to consider. If you factor those in, it becomes a brand new ball game.

Jeff Stephenson

I am sitting in Grand Stand 11 also! I cannot wait for the weekend to get here! The city is amazing for the whole weekend! I’d love to meet you and get a photo with you!

Dr T

An impassioned request about discussions around old F1 One of the frequent discussions in the podcast over time is about difficulties with funding for teams, and how much harder it is to get sponsorship money these days to fund a team. It is often noted that there is “no more free money” with a reference with free money coming from big tobacco. The money from the tobacco industry was somewhat plentiful compared to what teams get today. But it was never “free”. They were advertising to try to attract new people to smoking, and to win over establish smokers to… Read more »

Negative Camber

Fully aware of the harms of smoking and I certainly understand why you’re passionate about it. I think contextually you understand what Grace means when she says free money. She certainly isn’t speaking of the lack of impact smoking has had on society at large. I know Grace and I know she knows full well but I understand your point.

Dr T

Yep – I know you guys get it too Todd

Best wishes

Bruno Tattaglia

Lets abstract ourselves and play a little game. Lets say Red Bull has the best chasis and a bad engine and lets say Ferrari has the best engine and a bad chasis. Why would Ferrari be compelled to sell their strength while Red Bull can keep theirs behind the curtains? Ferrari should be allowed to buy a Red Bull chasis then. THis will end up in a spending race.

charlie white

I’m with Grace on this one: can’t stand Scott Goodyear.

Todd B

I think F1 needs a better approach to the regulations 1) to make the engines more “Road Relevant” allow the manufactures to fully develop the engine outside of F1 so they can give us the ability to buy a road version of the F1 engine. This will help them recoup some development cost associated with an engine format as well as getting more manufactures interested in F1 2) allow all teams to run a 3rd car. This car will be designated as a third car and can score no championship points. Caveat is that this car must be driven by… Read more »

Peter Riva

everyone seems to want to parse regulations instead of asking the simple question: Why have regulations? That doesn’t mean regulations may not be necessary, but regulations were created to make the sport safer, they were NOT initially created to make the racing closer/more exciting/better financial prospects. F1 was created to race, to allow independents and factory teams to compete each for their own aims. Auto Union, Mercedes, Maserati, Ferrari, Brabham, Lotus, BRM – innovations in suspension, engines, allows, the first use of carbon fibre in motor sports, the first use of alloy wheels in motor racing, the first mid engine,… Read more »

Paul KieferJr

So, you like the Bloodhound SSC? We can certainly go there.


Your wish is granted Grace.

Well… It’s the best I could do.

Danny Ric comes in just before the 4 minute mark.