Podcast #522- Russian GP Review

Join Paul and me as we review the Formula 1 Russian Grand Prix. We cover each team, each driver and each controversy as it happened. We even offer awards for best pass, donkey and drive of the race. 

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Negative Camber

No idea why I said Bahrain at the beginning. Guess I’m a race behind. Rest assured, this is the Russian GP review.

Ralph Beentjes

You also said ‘Pass of the Race’, when you we’re meant to announce ‘Driver of the Race’ :P

Max Johnson

Wow that was fast.

Negative Camber

That’s life with Paul, everything is 10/10’s.

Graeme Fuller

Great work Todd and Paul. I look forward to the queen “Barcelona” quotes in two weeks.


The comments about Bottas being smooth and not whipping the car around remind me of Jackie Stewart’s advice to be kind to the car and caress it. I’m not saying he has Sir Jackie’s talent (though he might), but if he has that smooth driving style he should be consistently good.


Thanks to Paul, now every time I see a driver warming his tires, I’ll suddenly be craving a delicious warm chicken pot pie.comment image

The International

Now thats funny!

Zachary Noepe

Well done, that was a race which wasn’t, at first glance, full to brimming with topics, yet the podcast was very interesting. Hey was this my imagination or did the world feed accidentally, while browsing around the grid, turn the camera into the cockpit of #5 and catch one of the Ferrari engineers putting his hand down Vettel’s lap and moving his attachments around where they needed to be (or not be) so he could crank the seatbelts down? I’m not sure if that qualifies for pass of the race but it did sort of crack me up. It’s not… Read more »