Podcast #523

Grace is back this week and we discuss The battle of words between the new boss and the old boss, Malaysia’s grumpy departure from Formula 1, Millions watching Alonso go in circles…by himself, and much more. We even hand out awards. 

Fashion Award winner:

BTR Player:

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Guy Fawkes

He should announce his name in a deep and resounding voice BEFORE he enters a room. “Hello. My name is….Chase Carey”. Upon walking in that magnificent mustache comes into view. Women swoon, men pass out from the sheer majesty, angels sing and the overwhelming light mustachioed justice blinds all who dare look upon it. Mock the fruit of the Carey Follicles at your peril! You may not realize it, but the new engine specs actually brought the horsepower DOWN until Chase Carey walked into the paddock. The manliness of that stately facial coiffure is the REAL reason the lap times… Read more »


Not podcast related, just wanted to share this with the F1B community,
2011 Schumi demonstrating ‘the chop’ to Hamilton, then an epic defensive drive,, with close following, ineffective DRS, howling V8’s, punchy ERS, and low degradation tyres.
Those were the days……..Hahaha! ;-)


Great cast! Welcome back to Grace, and I’m looking forward to hearing more about Todd’s trip to VanDoorne’s homeland.
While it was a good and sparky podcast, if Friday podcasts mean dry podcasts, I don’t think Friday podcasts are going to last.