Podcast #525

Join Grace and me as we discuss this week’s news in Formula 1. What is Alonso doing in Indy, how much more grey can it be and is the Fan Zone your kind of “thing”?


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Spy pictures of the all new McLaren to be driven at Monaco:

Well the colour is right…

Salvu Borg

Not only the color is right but mchhonda will have a steerage advantage around the streets of Monaco, I can speak from past experience having driven a Robin from Ealing Broadway London to Liandundo north Wales and back in one of the harshest winters I can remember some 35 years ago.
Any news about the new short wheelbase WO8?


Let’s hope they don’t bring a swb version, then Hamilton and Bottas will need to power drift the hairpin, everytime :-)

Salvu Borg

The WO8 has the longest wheelbase of all on the grid at 3760mm.
The WO8 wheelbase is 166mm longer then that of the FERRARI car.
The difference between the longest and the shortest wheelbase on the grid is 210mm.
Those interested in technical details can visit (moderator permitting) “2017 wheelbase for formula 1 cars by lookbacktime 36 feb 2017” “I.” ” formula 1 com/en/latest/fact ,,, des.i”. “twitter Fabio@kappa 224”.
Further, Pirelli tyre pressure for Monaco set at “slicks/dry tyres”, front 17psi read 16.5psi. quite a reduction from the pressures used in Spain.


Useful link Salvu, thanks. So we can expect a Mercedes and Force India log jam at the Hairpin.
I guess Pirelli can allow lower pressures, sustained high speed isn’t a feature at Monaco.

Salvu Borg

JAKO, “useful link Salvu” that’s three links not one.
I do not know the way you go around keeping yourself up to date on F1 matters, but once again (moderator permitting) here is some sort of organized “all on one page” organizer of the major English speaking formula one sites.
Go to and googol ” THEBIGPROJECT.CO.UK SPORTS>F1 AND MOTORSPORTS”. click on first item, top of page. under (related pages) top left, click on “OLDER VERSION” take your pick and enjoy reading all the bad and the good.


That’s harsh Dave. Don’t lose faith, McHonda will be back!!!

Salvu Borg

Yes, I believe they will no matter the disasters suffered.
Here is one of those famous of the so called “Ron speak”.
RON DENNIS 2014:.> “It is mind blowing, the engine is a piece of jewelry, they are further ahead than expected, the competiveness of the engine is without question”.


Ooops, Ron what were you thinking? Was he talking about the Mercedes p.u?

Salvu Borg

Sometimes when he used to switch to the so called “Ron speak” the man would be as frank as one can be, example “we were not racing Kimi, we were racing Alonso”. “Bernie Ecclestone stole F1 from us, the teams”.


Those quotes probably date back to before he adopted ‘Ronspeak’ and F1’s Yoda became.

Salvu Borg

“Ron speak was born with him, what was late to be adopted was the CONED “Ron speak”.


As always, great podcast!

You referred to Günther Steiner as being “Austrian”, but I am pretty sure he is actually Italian. I think he is from the german speaking region of northern Italy.


As usual, Monaco race is just one car following another for 78 laps. Too dangerous to attempt any overtake challenge. For spectators it must be the most boring race on the calendar. For drivers and the teams it is probably exciting with regards strategy and skill at keeping the car on the track. For spectators though. .. Uggg sleep mode !

I guess Monaco race is very lucrative to the f1 accounts and that’s why they keep it.