Podcast #529

Join Grace and me as we discuss the formula 1 news of the week. We cover Force India, the new 2018 calendar, triple-headers, Force India again, F1 technology jumping the shark and much, much more…trust me, much more. 

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Gary Shavit

Hi Todd and Grace; I’ve been to Paul Richard (just a visit, not a race). The problem is not grandstands, they can be put up in weeks (see Monaco, Long Beach or any other street circuit). The problem with Paul Richard is the access. There are only two narrow roads that wind up the mountain, and no trains. They have some sports car races there where they limit the number of spectators because of this. There is no way that the roads could handle F1 size crowds. BTW. I had a great time at Monaco. Couldn’t see everything from the… Read more »

Negative Camber

Ah, yes…the access, I hadn’t even thought about that. Agreed, they can put up grandstands quickly but roads…not so much.


They had 80,000 turn up to the last F1 race held in 1990, so it must be possible to get a respectable crowd into the event. With far fewer French drivers and teams, perhaps this won’t be a problem in the first year?


I’m sure you do remember races at Paul Ricard. This is the immediate image I had when you mentioned the circuit:

Negative Camber

Ah…yes! I do recall that image. :)

Rethymno Racer

Hi Grace,
Don’t think your Uber driver was talking about the Russian president or the Canadian dish Poutine.
I think he wasn’t a fan of politics and used a very common french curse-word. It means bloody or f~~king.

Almost a comedy sketch; the Uber driver cursing away about politics and you wondering why he is talking about french fries, cheese curds and gravy. Because talking about the russian president would be weird. :)

Tom Firth

I think I’m just going to profile name here to ‘The Motorsport Monk’ as now Todd even referred to me by it. @disqus_J6dwi9Zvhn:disqus started that one :-)

I like it.


He watches motorsport so we don’t have to.

Paul KieferJr

If we could, we’d hang a sign at your doorstep with that name. ;-)


That Uber driver, possibly Marco?


Todd, how many times have you seen new owners come in and not make changes to the staff? Assuming they’ll leave all the players there and inject more support seems short-sighted, yeah?

Short-sighted is the wrong term. Wishful is more like it, maybe overly optimistic, fantasy?