Podcast #535- Hungarian GP review

Join me as I host a very special guest for this week’s Hungarian Grand Prix review Podcast. I am joined by TSN/Sports center star and professional racing driver, Tim Hauraney. 

As Paul makes his way from the west coast to Texas in a moving van full of love and memories, tim and I actually watched the race and review each team as they finished. As a professional driver and TSN sports professional covering Formula 1, I think you’ll really enjoy hearing his thoughts on the grand prix. He’s a terrific guy and it was a real honor having Tim on the show and…He’s CANADIAN!!  How cool is that? 

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Completely agree with you on the team orders hypocrisy. On Channel 4 in the UK, Coulthard was simultaneously bewildered Ferrari hadn’t ordered Vettel, their sole championship contender, to let Raikonnen by and insistent Hamilton shouldn’t have to give up the podium to Bottas because of the championship.

Salvu Borg

“hypocrisy?” “channel 4 UK?” “Coulthard?” what hypocrisy?, that must be part of the British formula one media, expressing such an opinion you are risking the blog/moderator being asked/pleaded too so as you will be banned. FERRARI haven’t issued team orders to KIMI was really shocking, but when they do it is equally shocking, BUT on the other hand when Mercedes issued team orders to their number 44 it was also really shocking and he was right in refusing to obey, as much as they were right in ordering his team mate to let him through. “hawadni ftit ha nithawad/confuse me… Read more »

Negative Camber

I have no idea what you’re speaking about.

Paul Riseborough

NC, In your podcast discussions you appear to gloss over the fact that LH asked Bottas to let him past on the condition that he would give the place back if not successful in passing Raikkonen. To not have done so would have gained him 3 points in the short term, but would be destructive in the longer term, not only because of the effect on cooperation within the team, but also to his brand image which I am sure he is very aware of. MB (the company paying for his lifestyle) want to win the constructors championship first and… Read more »

Negative Camber

I get that. I understand your point and don’t disagree with Lewis making the deal and keeping harmony in team, very important for sure. As a Ferrari fan, if I were Toto and saw Lewis blast away and put 8s between himself and Bottas, I probably would have held station. Lewis was much quicker and needs the three points. I found the criticism of Ferrari not calling team orders more humorous than Lewis reversing order.

Chuck C

Good podcast Todd, thanks. Tim comes over very well, very knowledgeable about the race, teams and with some really interesting insights about the drivers.
Team orders remain controversial, though it beats me why that should be.
It’s a team sport (the prize money goes against the wcc position), but if a team can’t win the wcc, there’s lots of kudos if your driver is wdc, but no money.
The notion that a team’s drivers are ‘equal’ seems to be contradicted by the massive disparity in their salaries.

Jeff Stephenson

I really like that you had Tim in for this podcast. I watch him on TSN and he knows his stuff. As a Canadian it is great to see us finally back on the big stage in racing. We have Stroll, Latifi and Hauraney.

Jeff Stephenson

Also big shout out for the Molson comment. That stuff is terrible.