Podcast #539- Belgian GP review

Join Paul and me as we review the Belgian Grand Prix from Spa Francorchamps. We review each team as they finished and discuss each driver including Sergio Perez and the terrific win by Lewis. We even hand out awards too.

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I gotta disagree with you Paul, saying two thirds of Max’s DNF’s are his own fault is just wrong. In Spain he was taken out by Bottas/Kimi and in Austria he had a clutch failure wich caused his slow gettaway. And made him arive at turn one just in time to be taken out by Kvyatt, but even without that he wouldn’t have finished the race. And no mention of his qualifying lap, which was easily as good as Hamilton’s. Beating ‘Qualifying Beast’ Ricciardo by half a second. If it weren’t for the french piece of cr@p in the back… Read more »

The International

Ok fair enough, I guess guess i should have said due to mechanical issues caused by the car

The International

Non mechanical

Scoot Just Scoot

I’d like to throw a thought into the mix here – I can’t help but think that Verstappen gets a bit more credit than he deserves, whilst Ricciardo generally has his performances downplayed. If you look at the results last year, from the point at which Max got the red bull seat, he was still out finished by Daniel at the end of the season (I think, beaten 10-7 in positions, and 8-7 in terms of podiums) and this season, sitting at 4th in the championship, ahead of a Ferrari looks pretty strong, with that engine. I think Max has… Read more »

the International

well theres some truth to that, as all the more experienced drivers have had some patience with some of his approaches , theres a balance to be found to be ultimately successful.


Much of Max’s credit comes because he’s still so young and inexperienced compared to his teammate, and competitors.

charlie white

First of all, since Paul is now a California refugee now living in Texas, ditch the cheesy theme music from the Dallas television show. He deserves something better like Travis Walk by Stevie Ray Vaughan or Alone In The Desert by ZZ Top. With every passing race, Alonso just makes his situation worse by his actions. He should consider Force India. Yes, them. Take a pay cut, get the seat and put those very capable cars in the top 5 or possible podiums.

Negative Camber

LOL…well, as a guitar player, I’m a huge SRV fan for sure but in keeping with cheesy 70’s and 80’s themes, it would not fit well with the style. :) I’ll give it a thought though.

Jeff Stephenson

In Canada we have the Quarter Pounder with Cheese.

Negative Camber

LOL…that’s because you’re cool people and live close enough to us Yanks that occasionally you get us blundering into your McDonald’s and asking for it. :) You’re just trying to be appeasing and kind. ;)

Jeff Stephenson

I feel honoured to get a response from you Negative Camber. Been listening since 2011 and I gladly donate monthly to Patreon. Us Canadian’s are nice until you start insulting our hockey team, that’s where I pull a Perez and run you off the road.

Negative Camber

LOL…no need to feel honored, mate. I am the one who is honored by your support on Patreon. I’m just a dude talking about F1 my friend. As for Canada, my wife an I honeymooned there. Great people. As I say, Wayne Gretzky is proof God is Canadian. ;) Go BLUES! Actually I was a Nords fan first but they left. Now in St. Louis, have to be a Blues fan. ;)